Bro. Teoh’s Thursday class recording

Dear Kalyanamittas,

Below are the audio links to our last Thursday’s recording dated 28th Dec 2017 for sharing by all. As per bro. Swee Aun’s whatsapp message: – this is a  *Very highly recommended* Dharma sharing.

This sharing is also very unique and very good because they are very practical. The following dharma were discussed:

i) Understanding thoughts; what is thought? How do we create thought? Is there a ‘thinker’ behind the thought? How thought arise? – Linking them to the Dharma as taught by the Buddha

ii) How do you know the world? How do u interact with the world?

iii) Who are u and what are u? How do u function as a human being?

iv) Understanding the difference between the Mundane thinking mind and the true mind.

v) Byron katie’s 4 lines of questioning – ‘The Work’ to help solve your problem.

vi) The Mundane and the Supramundane aspects of Life. 

vii) Understanding why the Buddha said‘In the seeing there is only the seeing consciousness  and  there is no one to see‘ – to realise this in the  meditation.

Bye! and with metta always,


From: Bro. Swee Aun

*If you missed Bro Teoh’s Thurs class Dec28, you can download at:*
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*Very highly recommended*

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