Welcome to Bro. Teoh’s Kalyanamittas Repository website to view our repository of very good and useful Dharma material and resources.

Repository of Dharma Materials

The Repository is arranged in three sections as shown below for your easy access and reference. Feel free to browse, read, view, listen or download anything here that you like:

1. Publications and Notes


Sutta & Notes
Reference Books
Supplementary Reading – J Krishnamurti Quotes

2. Recordings of Classes

Tuesday Class
Thursday Class
Sunday Class WPCS
Dharma Videos

3. Other Audio Files

Bodhisattva Vows
Klang Ti-Ratana Buddhist Society NBC
Subang Jaya Buddhist Association (SJBA) Talks
House Dana
Retreat Talks
Spiritual Trip

Our main objectives are :

i) To have a website for easy access to all the wealth of Dharma information and resources that we had developed since 2004 so that it can be made available free of charge to all Kalyanamittas and others who have the affinity and condition to receive them.

ii) It is hoped that this wealth of Dharma information and material can be a source of very penetrative and rather insightful Dharma guidelines needed for cultivators, spiritual practitioners and Dharma friends to develop the clear understanding and cultivation of the Buddha Dharma as taught by Him to realize his noble teaching.

With Metta always,

Bro. Teoh