Sutta & Notes

Avijjā Sutta    Ref Youtube 220623, Youtube 190523, Teoh Tue 181030 & Teoh Thu 181025

Cariyapitaka sutra    Ref Teoh Tue 170711 & Teoh Thu 170713

Dhammapada Verses 153 and 154 – The House Builder

Kevaṭṭa sutta

Kevatta sutta discussion note    Ref Teoh Thu 180802 & 82 6th Patriarch 5 Aug 18   

Mind Map of The Teaching of All Buddhas     pdf

MN8 Sallekha Sutta

Sankharupapatti Sutta – Reappearance by Aspirations  Ref Teoh Thu 170706

Taking of the Bodhisattva Vows & Asking for Forgiveness  epub

The 3 Turnings of the 4 Noble Truths

The source of conflict

The Surangama Sutra special notes 12 March 2013  Ref Teoh Tue 180130

The Ten Defilements of Insight

Training The Mind

Understanding 5 Aggregates of Form & Mind

What is Meditation as taught by Buddha?

10 Realms & 31 Planes Of Existence


Reference Books

Buddha & his teachings – Narada  Study material for Tue class started from 16 May 17

Buddha & his teachings – Narada (Chinese version) 觉悟之路 (中文版)

Empty Cloud – The Autobiography of Xu Yun  epub   mobi  Ref to 85 of 6th Patriarch 9 Sept 18

虚云和尚自述年谱 (Empty Cloud)  epub 


Supplementary Reading – J Krishnamurti Quotes

All Becoming Is Disintegration

Can Happiness be found through anything?

Extra Ordinary Seeing    Ref Teoh Tue 180703

Finding silence?    Ref Teoh Thu 180811 & 4 Cultivating the Bodhisattva Way 11 Nov 2018   & Teoh Tue 181120

If you listen completely

Is religion a matter of belief?

Listening brings freedom  Teoh Tue 190430 & Teoh Tue 190507


Meditation Quote

One must go deep to know joy

Quiet Mind

The Active Still Mind    Ref Teoh Tue 180703

The Chattering Mind

The Immensity of the Mind and its Capacity

There is understanding only when there is stillness

What is truth ? Ref Teoh Tue 171226

When thought has understood its own beginning Ref Teoh Tue 180530 & Teoh Thu 170601

Why is one thoughtless? Ref Teoh Tue 181120 & Teoh Thu 181115

You and nothingness are one  Ref 8 Cultivating the Bodhisattva Way 27 Jan 2019 , Teoh Tue 190129 & Teoh Thu 190131


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