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0001 Self retreat to develop relaxed inner peace and inner awareness
0002 How to check one’s progress via the trained mind and untrained mind
0003 How to train your mind so that it listen to you
0004 Avijja Sutta – the Ignorant and Enlightenment Sequences
0005 Cessation of Form and Mind
0006 How to Break the Momentum of your Heedless Habitual Thinking and Stabalise your Daily Mindfulness
0007 How to insight into phenomena to awaken
0008 Understanding Paticcasamuppada, Anicca, Dukkha and Anatta
0009 Understanding the limitation of Thought/Knowledge based Meditation versus Awareness based Meditation
0010 First Noble Truth 8 Realities
0011 The Right Way to Inquire into Dhamma Cultivation
0012 How to resolve Life Situations through Dhamma Application
0013 5 Ways To Overcome Unwholesome Thoughts
0014 What is Direct Seeing?
0015 Understanding Sila, Citta & Ditthi vissuddhi (3 types of Purification)
0016 3 Types of Wisdom Lights : The Secret of Living a Peaceful and Happy Life
0017 3 Conditions to sustain Life
0018 Understanding the Secret of Living Life in Present Moment Awareness
0019 What is a phenomenon? Understanding: Mind is the Forerunner of All Things
0020 Why is Thought Limited and Egoic?
0021 Important Inquiries for developing the Meditative Wisdom
0022 Understanding Awareness based Meditation vs Conditioned Thinking and the Unconscious State of Sleep
0023 5 Daily Contemplation
0024 Danger of Thought based meditation. Don’t look for Dhamma during Meditation. Meditate w silent mind
0025 Avijja sutta’s 10 steps sequence to Enlightenment
0026 Cultivate 5 Spiritual Faculties to cease the opposite 5 Mental Hindrances
0027 Essential Dhamma 10 Perfections and Buddha’s Advice
0028 Final summary of First Noble Truth
0029 7 Factors of Enlightenment- Satta Bojjhanga
0030 Seeing beyond Form and understanding Nibbana
0031 Danger of the 3 Evil Roots of Greed, Hatred, and Delusion
0032 Understanding the 3 Universal Characteristics of Nature
0033 Panca Niyama (5 Universal orders of Nature)
0034 Understanding Thought. (The Controller is the Controlled)
0035 Understanding the True Purpose & Intent of Meditation
0036 MEDITATE with UNDERSTANDING following the analogy of swimming
0037 Understanding ourselves enable us to understand others. Stages of Transformation in Cultivation
0038 Awareness Based Meditation Instructions for Beginners
0039 Deviant Samadhi forewarned in the Shurangama Sutra
0040 How Awareness Nature enables one to understand the Essential Dhamma & leads to the awakening
0041 How living beings come to be as per Shurangama sutra
0042 Understanding How Thoughts are Created
0043 6th Patriarch Platform Sutra of Hui Neng
0044 Beauty of Living the Mundane Life with Spiritual Understanding
0045 Meaning of Tathata and Suchness
0046 Seeking Truth vs Knowledge
0047 Why One’s Response reflects One’s True Characters
0048 Seeing Beyond Form & Seeing beyond Mind
0049 Bowing Mindfully to develop Sati
0050 As advised by Bro Teoh, do seize upon this golden opportunity to cultivate during this MCO lockdown
0051 J Krishnamurti’s Quote on Direct Seeing
0052 Heedfulness Leading to Enlightenment
0053 Understanding the purpose and intent of Meditation
0054 Understanding the 5 Universal Nature’s Laws that governs Life & Existence
0055 The Difference Between Contemplation and Thinking
0056 Mind State of a True Cultivator
0057 True Suchness & The Essence of Mind
0058 Heedfulness and the Three Universal Characteristics
0059 Cultivating the Five Spiritual Faculties
0060 Wisdom Energy
0061 To Accord and Flow, with Wisdom, in All Life Situations
0062 The Phenomenal or Illusionary World
0063 The Wisdom of “Let Things Be”
0064 Understanding Feeling – Pleasant, Unpleasant and Neutral
0065 How to train the Mind that cannot Meditate (because it thinks alot)
0066 Wisdom VS Knowledge
0067 Avijja Sutta
0068 The 2nd Aspect of 5 aggregates of Form and Mind
0069 Dhammapada Verses on Heedfulness
0070 Dhammapada Verses on What Leads to Suffering and Happiness
0071 How To Train The Mind To Be Heedful?
0072 How to overcome pain during meditation?
0073 5 ways to overcome negative unwholesome thoughts
0074 Understanding Specific Phenomena awareness and Spacious Awareness (without a centre).
0075 Radiate Metta, develop virtue & goodness of heart. Be mindful & aware always to take care of karma.
0076 Angulimala Sutta MN86
0077 Common Meditation Mistakes made by Cultivators not following the Dhamma way
0078 The Beauty and Uniqueness of Heart Sutra’s Teaching
0079 Can chanting bring about Enlightenment?
0080 To overcome habitual tendency, Develop ability to be Relaxed, Silent and Aware Within – Be with it
0081 6R’s Meditation Practice – Right Effort to Train and Relax the Mind
0082 What is Meditation? – as taught by Lord Buddha
0083 7 factors of Enlightenment
0084 3 Types of Karmic Obstacles
0085 3 Turnings (12 Modes) of the 4 Noble Truths
0086 A True Dharma Practitioner’s Sharing – 25 June 2020
0087 Form is emptiness and Emptiness is Form (色即是空,空即是色) – 23 June 2020
0088 Life Itself is Meditation – J.Krishnamurti Quote
0089 Cultivate 2nd turning wisdom of Cintamaya Panna via inquiry, contemplation & reflection on the Truth
0090 Understanding What is Appamada or Heedfulness
0091 Applying the 6R Technique with understanding to cultivate Awareness based Meditation
0092 Reversing the Light to shine within, Total Understanding of the Ever-Shining, He is Host and Master
0093 How to maintain Mindfulness in the midst of Life and Work?
0094 Spacious awareness and mindfulness in daily life
0095 Confronting Life situation with wisdom
0096 7 stages of purification (Satta Visuddhi)
0097 Meditative results borne of right understanding
0098 Beautiful sharing. Have faith, sincerity, perseverance and patience
0099 Can enlightenment be realised through listening?
0100 Applying N8FP to deal with difficult people
0101 To Meditate well, one must have Sila (to take care of Karma) for Sati & Samadhi to kick in
0102 Importance of the first 3 Purification of: Sila (Morality), Citta (Mind) & Ditthi (Views) vissudhi
0103 Heedfulness is the only way to understand the meaning of life
0104 Form & Mind are our vehicle & tool in life. Use them to live a noble life. Don’t be deluded by them
0105 Mind quality that is beneficial in this and future lives
0106 Understanding 5 Mental Hindrances (Panca Nivarana)
0107 Story, Perfection of Patience (Khanti Parami)
0108 Reminder for Silent Awareness based Meditation
0109 Heedful Living
0110 Understanding ‘The Unconditioned’
0111 Spot the moment the mundane mind arises
0112 Return to our pure Nature
0113 Dharma leading to virtues, wisdom and great love!
0114 Understanding Anatta ( Non-Self / Empty nature of existence )
0115 Understanding Form and Mind Dhamma
0116 The Art of Observation
0117 The Three Types of Suffering
0118 How to stabilize your Mindfulness
0119 How to be a True Modern-Day Bodhisattva Practitioner
0120 Summary of Cultivation
0121 Chart (What is meditation as taught by the Buddha)
0122 Zen Proverbs on the 3 levels of Seeing
0123 Dharma in Daily life
0124 Purpose of Formal Meditation
0125 How should we use the Silent or True mind to Meditate & develop wisdom
0126 Truth IS! Not “your truth” or “my truth”
0127 Mind Dhamma + Seeing beyond form and mind
0128 Meditate with understanding via using the Silent/True mind
0129 Mahayana’s 3 levels of Seeing
0130 Silent everything & stay with it – 3rd way to overcome unwholesome thoughts/emotions
0131 Wake up call! See the importance of heedful living
0132 Significance of The 3 Turning of The Four Noble Truths
0133 Understanding The Awareness Nature Within via Meditation
0134 Deeper Understanding on how the Silent Mind in awareness pervades the entire oneness
0135 The Objective of Doing Bowing Meditation
0136 Understand How The 18 Sense Realms Works
0137 Liberation via The Fire Sermon
0138 The 18 Sense Realms
0139 Be a silent observer, let the awareness nature shines forth.
0140 The samādhi mind of a great being
0141 Rebirth of a Bodhisattva is via a pure mind, not due to ignorance
0142 How to stabilise ones Sati via awareness of ones heartbeat during Meditation
0143 The Real Cultivation
0144 Important factors that paves the way for good progress in your cultivation
0145 to Investigate within and without, to realise the Truth/Dhamma via “Seeing things as they are”
0146 Very direct, simple yet penetrative explanation of the Awareness Nature
0147 What should I do? My mind always wander off during meditation
0148 Further explanation on Reversing the Light to shine within and Our Mind is like a Garden
0149 Significance of Puja and having a good religious routine
0150 Have Faith. Ask for Forgiveness & make Aspiration. Be Patient. Trust your Nature.