Bro. Teoh’s Thursday dharma class recording

Dear Kalyanamittas,

Below are the audio links to our last Thursday class dated 27th July 2017 recording for sharing by all. Do listen attentively to the following rather good dharma which was shared:

  • Introduction to the launching of our new transcript book‘Cultivating the Bodhisattva way.’
  • Elsie reports on her meditation – Finally able to break free via relax n silent ;
  • 4 supports for Awareness based meditation are :
    (Relax, aware, 24 hours
    & trust)
  • Relax and aware of your body & mind will help you to develop the meditation n finally  connect to your true nature (见性,本性,佛性).  Only after you are able to connect to your True/silent mind –  can u start the real/true meditation.
  •  Silent mind will lead you to connect to your True nature via the gateway;
  • Aware from within – to be ever mindful of everything (both internally n  externally);
  • Positive craving will lead to desire  which eventually becomes grasping n clinging.
  • Negative craving leads to envy, jealousy n  anger etc;
  • Should develop contentment, appreciation, gratitude  n virtue instead;
  • Ajahn Yantra’s teaching  – Look at nature and learn from nature for nature is our greatest teacher; Nature has great loving kindness n great patience because Nature just gives, gives and gives. It just accords n flows – never resists or complains. The air we breathe, water we drink, food, fruits and raw materials we need etc all come from Nature and it is given to us free;
  • The plants and trees endure the severe  climatic conditions especially the harsh winter. They shed their leaves in autumn and hibernate through winter to bud again in spring and flower beautifully in summer;
  • The importance of planting the Bodhi mind or Bodhi seed of enlightenment by taking 4 basic vows n the 3 sets of pure precepts.
  • How to Create affinity with all the great beings via very strong n determined faith n seek their (Buddha n Bodhisattvas) nature’s  guidance, protection and blessing.
  • How fortune n blessed to be born a human or to have a human form and able to listen to the true  Dharma 人身难得,佛法难闻;
  • Cultivation requires understanding, great sincerity, right efforts, strong n determined faith n commitment. Have faith/confidence in yourself that you are able to do it.
  • Human beings always believe their conditioned wrong thoughts which lead to misery.
  • 4 bases of success – Chanda (passion), viriya (zeal), citta (will power) and vimansa (investigation or analysis leading to self improvement).

By and with metta always,


From: Bro. Tune
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Bro. Teoh’s Tuesday class dated 26.7.2017 recording

Dear Kalyanamittas,
Below is the audio link to our last night’s Tuesday class recording dated 26.7.2017 for sharing by all. Do listen to the rather good sharing where the following dharma were discussed:

i) Understanding Nibbana

ii) Dependent Origination

iii) When this arise that arise, when this ceases that ceases.  (Imasmim sati idam hoti; Imasmim asati idam na hoti)        – this is how duality and dependent origination manifest.

iv) Cause of suffering is attachment or craving.  Attachment/craving arises from  self-delusion.  Behind self-delusion is ignorance.  Only wisdom can cease       ignorance and free our mind from all suffering, leading to Enlightenment.

Bye!  and with metta always,


From: Sis. Hui Long

Brother Teoh Tuesday Class on 25/07/2017 record :
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Bro Teoh’s Friday Dhamma Talk at TiRatana Klang, 14July2017, Understanding the importance of the 7 factors of enlightenment as an integral part of Enlightenment

The Source of conflict regarding Theravada and Mahayana concepts of Arahant and Bodhisattva

Dear Kalyanamittas,

Below is an extract from our earlier sharing on the article from Amaravati Buddhist Monastery that discusses the Theravada and Mahayana concepts of Arahant and Bodhisattva for sharing by all.

The Source of conflict

The source of this conflict, along with the other ten thousand woes and struggles to which the human mind is prone, is conceiving the Arahant and the Bodhisattva in terms of self. When we no longer look at the issue through the lens of self-view, the picture changes radically.

‘Bhikkhus, held by two kinds of views, some devas and human beings hold back and some overreach; only those with vision see.

‘And how, bhikkhus, do some hold back? Some devas and humans enjoy being, delight in being, are satisfied with being. When the Dhamma is taught to them for the cessation of being, their minds do not enter into it or acquire confidence in it or settle upon it or become resolved upon it. Thus, bhikkhus, do some hold back.

How, bhikkhus, do some overreach? Now some are troubled, ashamed and disgusted by this very same quality of being and they rejoice in [the idea of] non-being, asserting, “Good sirs, when the body perishes at death, this self is annihilated and destroyed and does not exist anymore – this is true peace, this is excellent, this is reality!” Thus, bhikkhus, do some overreach.

How, bhikkhus, do those with vision see? Herein one sees what has come to be as having come to be. Having seen it thus, one practises the course for turning away, for dispassion, for the cessation of what has come to be. Thus, bhikkhus, do those with vision see.’ [Iti 49]

As long as self-view has not been penetrated in either its coarse form of sakkāya-ditthi (identification with the body and personality) or the more refined asmimāna (the conceit of ‘I am’), the mind will miss the Middle Way.

The ‘no more coming into any state of being’ ideal will thus tend to be co-opted by the nihilist view (uccheda-ditthi), while the ‘endlessly returning for the sake of all beings’ ideal will tend to be pervaded with the eternalist view (sassata-ditthi).

When the two extremes are abandoned and the sense of self is seen through, the Middle Way is realized. Whether we talk in terms of utter emptiness, the arahant of the Pali Canon, or the absolute zero of the Heart Sutra, or in terms of the infinite view of the four bodhisattva vows, there is a direct realization that these expressions are merely modes of speech. They all derive from the same source, the Dhamma. They are simply expedient formulations which guide the heart of the aspirant to attunement with that reality of its own nature. That attunement is the Middle Way.

Bye! and with metta always,


Brother Teoh’s Tuesday class dated 11/07/2017 recording

Bro. Teoh Sunday class (9.7.2017) recording. (51st lesson of our 6th patriarch platform Sutra class)