Bro Teoh’s 8th May 2018 Tuesday class recording

Dear Kalyanamittas,

Below are the audio links to our above 8th May 2018 Tuesday class recording for sharing by all. The outline short notes are as below:

Outline notes for our 8th May 2018 Sunday class sharing:

1.Topic discussed – The Buddha and his Teachings – from page 299 to 303 covering the following:

a. Buddhism is not pessimistic but a very comprehensive teaching that can allow one to comprehend the secret of life covering both the mundane and the supra mundane.

b. When one understand the secret of life (which is wisdom) one will know how to live life leading to joy, happiness, peace and tranquility of mind in life. Hence suffering need not be.

c. With no more delusion one will not worry about the past and the future.

d. Suffering is to be understood. Its cause need to be severed.

e. Cessation of suffering via cultivating the Noble 8-Fold path need to be realized.

f. Training of the mind to be heedful leading to wisdom brings about joy, clarity of mind, tranquility, Samadhi and stillness of mind.

g. The direct seeing leads to insight and awakening in the here and the now.

h. This awakening leads to non-attachment, liberation n extinction of passions.

I. This cultivation leading to awakening can be realized in the here and the now by all those who follows the teaching of the Buddha sincerely. This awakening can be realized by the wise each for themselves and it is an experiential fact.

j. This teaching when understood leads to enlightenment.

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From: Sis Hui Rung

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