Bro Teoh’s WPCS Sunday class dated 6th May 2018

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Below are the audio links  and outline short notes to our above 6th May 2018 Sunday class recording for sharing by all.

Outline pointers for 6th May 2018 Sunday class sharing

Chapter viii – Difficult questions Pages (369 – 370) and Chapter ix Proclamation were discussed:

  1. What are true merits?
  • True merits are pure merits performed without the ego/personality and the 3 evil roots.
  • Tainted merits are not pure merits. These merits are tainted with ‘self’ and ‘greed’.
  • Must one always sit in meditation to realize enlightenment (liberation of mind)?

2. Not necessary. Daily mindfulness to cultivate the Noble Eightfold Path in the midst of life is the way. The form and mind is not a permanent unchanging entity. The form and mind exist dependent on conditions. When one realizes this, there will be no more delusion to arise the grasping. When the Buddha realized this, he came to great awakening.      3. A real cultivator is not dependent on whether one is a monk or a layperson. Its sincerity, understanding and virtue that makes a person a true cultivator. It is the virtue and wisdom within our nature that counts, not the external appearancestatus and title.

  1. With the Bodhisattva vows, the Bodhi mind will be there then even if the Sasana is not around, one will still have the conditions to encounter the Buddha’s Teachings when born as a human being.
  2. Rare is it to be born a human, even rarer is it to encounter the Teachings. Now that we are born human and have the Teachings and the sasana within our reach, do not forsake the great opportunity to cultivate.
  3. PG shared her recent 1 week Mahayana chanting retreat experience at Cameron Highlands.
  4. Sister Lee shared a story of a 100 year old lady who recently passed away recently. This lady who was illiterate cultivated via just chanting Kuan Yin’s name. She realized that cultivation is in the mind hence can be done anywhere and not at a specific place.
  5. Bro Teoh explained the 3 types of Dharma friends.

(Note: above outline draft is prepared by Sister Mun Yuen)

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