Bro Teoh’s 24th May 2018 Thursday class

Dear Kalyanamittas,

Below are the audio links to our last Thursday night’s 24th May 2018 recording for sharing by all. Also enclose below is the outline short notes:

Outline notes for 24th May 2018 Thursday class sharing

1.  Recap of 1st May 2018 Tuesday class short notes.

2.  Recap of 17th May 2018 Thursday class short notes on GE14 and Karma.

3. The analogy of a cluttered table top, used to describe the untrained/heedless thinking mind:

  • Without right views one will deludedly accumulate a lot of  “rubbish” (views and opinions, conditioning, belief systems, rites and rituals, superstitions, psychological memories of fear, worry, anxiety, insecurity, etc) within our brain/memories.
  • Hence brain is cluttered with no Space to allow one to move around or act freely. Due to self-delusion one is full of sankhara (wrong thoughts)living a life of disorder.
  • Space (between thought) is freedom. Without thought there is no fear, no worry, no anxiety, etc. hence one can be with the moment to experience the pristine beauty and wonders of  nature and life.
  • Thoughts are response to memories so spaciousness or not accumulation of memories means no thought.
  • No thought implies silence, tranquility, stillness, peace and clarity of mind.

4.  Choose to contemplate dhamma until it is very very very clear to stabilize ones 2nd turning wisdom to prepare the stable base for one to receive/awaken to truth. 5.  Do not neglect your physical form and mind. It is karmically conditioned for us to come to this condition/existential world hence learn to use it and do not be deluded by it.

6.  Sis Eng Bee’s question:

  • what Bro Teoh meant by “the Consciousness had started to move since the year 2008”;
  • about the speculated prophecies of the words “RAHMAN” and “MAHATHIR”.

(Note: Outline prepared by Sis Soo Yee)

Bye! and with metta always,


From: Bro Swee Aun

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