Bro Teoh’s 22nd May 2018 recording

Dear Kalyanamittas,

Below are the audio links to our 22nd May 2018 Tuesday class recording for sharing by all. Also attached is outline short notes as blow for your further reference:

22nd May 2018 Tuesday Class outline short notes 

  1. Recap of 1st May 2018 Tuesday class short notes.
  2.  5 great universal laws of nature (2  scientific + 3  spiritual)
  • Physical order [Utu niyama]
  • Biological order [Bija niyama]
  • Law of karma [Karma niyama] (Do good begets good and do evil begets evil & you reap what you sow) 
  • Law of the mind [Citta niyama] (12 links / paticca samupada)
  • Law of truth / Dharma [Dhamma niyama] (4 noble truths, etc.)

3  Buddhism (Teaching of the Buddha) = Dhamma = Truth. The essence of the Buddha’s teaching is the Four Noble Truths. Noble Truths are truths that can make you noble ones or enlightened ones when you had understood (awakened to) them.

4 Bro Teoh’s sharing from the Book, “The Buddha and His Teachings” – Chapter 17 – The 4 Noble Truths, until page 321 ‘….Insatiate are all desires.’

4(a) The 3 Lokas (31 planes of existence) 

  • kama Loka (sensual world) – 6 realms of Devas, 1 human realm and 4 woeful states/realms.
  • rupa Loka (form world) – 16 Brahma realms.
  • arupa Loka (formless world) – 4 formless realms.

4(b) Why is your form and mind (the human being) so important?

  • It allows us to live and experience life to the fullest and we can also use it to cultivate the 4 foundations of mindfulness (kaya-, vedana-, citta- and dhammanupassana) to realize the enlightenment.
  • Everything you cling and grasp onto (including all sense pleasure) is a prelude to dukkha (suffering), as they are impermanent – arising and passing away following nature’s conditions. Hence not a permanent unchanging entity where you can cling onto and grasp onto.

4(c) The MISCONCEPTION of defining the 1st Noble Truth of dukkha as – “life is suffering”

  • The Buddha never say that. The Buddha proclaimed that there is a noble truth that explain to you clearly the prevalence of suffering when one confronts the 8 realities of life without the requisite wisdom.
  • The Buddha teaches instead the prevalence of suffering, how suffering comes to be due to delusion, the secret of life and suffering need not be if we understand his teaching.  The liberated mind can live life without being affected / afflicted.

4(d) 3 types of craving/tanha

  • Kama tanha (sensual craving)
  • Bhava tanha (craving to ‘be’ – becoming)
  • Vibhava tanha ( craving ‘not to be’)

4(e) Ambition is not a craving

  1. As Buddhist we can have ambition to realize our good and noble wishes via cultivating the Noble 8-Fold Path following the Dhamma way of no delusion.

(Outline prepared by Teoh Soo Yee)

Bye! and with metta always,


From: Sis Hui Rung 
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