Bro Teoh’s 1st online Zoom video conference – 24 March 2020 Tuesday dhamma class

Dear Kalyanamittas,
Enclose below is our  24 March 2020 Tuesday class 1st Zoom video conference dhamma class recordings for sharing by all:
To join our class you all can click onto our below Zoom video conference  link:

23 March 2020: Special annoucement

  • We are pleased to annouced that our 1st Zoom video conference dhamma sharing scheduled to go ahead on the 24 March will be on. Sadhu! x3.
  • To join our Zoom video conference dhamma class you can click on the following link:

Bro Teoh *Tues* Class 19May2020 *(Tonight)*

*Kalyanamittas are encouraged to send questions to whatsapp group ahead for discussion*
_8:00 PM – Puja & Meditation_
_8:30 PM – Dhamma sharing_
_[time above is based on GMT+8]_
Topic: Continue book study (Heart Sutra 2nd Edition)
*Join Zoom Meeting – click the link below* after u hv installed ZOOM in your phone/computer:
Meeting ID: 777 788 2080
Password: 882080
Please download ZOOM app in your phone/computer to join the Kalyanamittas sharing (
# *SOUND*..MUTE when not speaking
# *VIDEO*..ON if feasible

# *QUERY*..RAISE HAND to ask adhoc Qs

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