Bro Teoh’s 1st online Zoom video conference – 24 March 2020 Tuesday dhamma class

Dear Kalyanamittas,
Enclose below is our  24 March 2020 Tuesday class 1st Zoom video conference dhamma class recordings for sharing by all:
To join our class you all can click onto our below Zoom video conference  link:

23 March 2020: Special annoucement

  • We are pleased to annouced that our 1st Zoom video conference dhamma sharing scheduled to go ahead on the 24 March will be on. Sadhu! x3.
  • To join our Zoom video conference dhamma class you can click on the following link:

Bro Teoh *Tues* Class 19May2020 *(Tonight)*

*Kalyanamittas are encouraged to send questions to whatsapp group ahead for discussion*
_8:00 PM – Puja & Meditation_
_8:30 PM – Dhamma sharing_
_[time above is based on GMT+8]_
Topic: Continue book study (Heart Sutra 2nd Edition)
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Meeting ID: 777 788 2080
Password: 882080
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# *SOUND*..MUTE when not speaking
# *VIDEO*..ON if feasible

# *QUERY*..RAISE HAND to ask adhoc Qs

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Bro Teoh’s 17 March 2020 outline short notes and special annoucement

Dear Kalyanamittas,

As stated on the 17 March 2020 outline short notes:

Announcement of class interval or break due to national Movement Control Order (MCO) starting tomorrow 18 March 2020:

The class will be cancelled unless we can go online. We will try it out on the  24 March 2020.

23 March 2020: Special annoucement

  • We are pleased to annouced that our 1st Zoom video conference dhamma sharing scheduled to go ahead on the 24 March will be on. Sadhu! x3.

Introducing our New Book: Heart Sutra Short Notes – 2nd Edition. Some enhancement and improvement were done  to the table of content and appendixes.

  • Page 94 – Review of the chart with the 4 circles (Buddha Nature > True Mind (Pure Awareness) > Mundane Mind > phenomena world of External Forms) to develop the understanding of creation starting from the Source or Buddha Nature leading to the Pure AwarenessMundane mind and the phenomena world of consciousness and forms.
  • Pages 6 & 7 – Review the 2 aspects to the 5 aggregates of form and mind, and understanding of contents of consciousness.

With metta always,