6th March 2018 Tuesday class recording

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Below are the audio links and short notes to our last night, 6th March Tuesday class recording for sharing by all.

Short notes for 6th of Mar 2018 Tuesday class Dharma Discussion

1. Sister Mimi shared her meditative experience at an earlier self-retreat (last month) in Ajahn Anan’s way place in Rayong, Thailand. On the 3rd days of the retreat onwards, she experienced calmness, spiritual joy & the blissful state of mind. Then later on she experienced the continuous mindfulness leading to the silent mind to realize the pure awareness mind which she realize is different from the mundane perceiving and thinking mind. She also said, she later after contemplation came to understand what non-attainment and the unreality of form and mind is and she also shared how she went into a blank state and manage to get a glimpse of what the cessation of mind…nirodha samapatti (extinction of feeling and perception) is.  Sadhu! x 3.

  1. Sister Anne Choong covered chapter 13 of ‘The life of the Buddha and his teaching’ on the topic ‘The Buddha’s Daily routine’. The Buddha’s daily routine is really extraordinary which no ordinary human being can do. His is full of love, compassion, wisdom and selfless sacrifices.
  2. Sister Han reintroduce the topic shared by Sister Huol Rung (earlier on), on the importance of cultivating Sila for discussion again. She said, Sila or precepts are related to the following essential dharma as taught by the Buddha: Dana, Sila and Bhavana and Sila, Samadhi and Panna of the Noble 8-Fold Path. Bro Teoh then re explained the importance of keeping precepts or Sila via quoting the Buddha’s advice as given in his chanting stating that: Precept is the source of spiritual happiness; Precept is the source of spiritual wealth and Precept is the source of spiritual peacefulness of mind. Bro Teoh also advocate the use of power of truth via Sila and aspiration to help us overcome our life difficulties, just like Venerable Angulimala’s case.
  3. Sister Huol Rung’s sharing: From the sharing given by Sister Anne she came to understand that the Buddha is very clear of his unselfish mission to benefit others and the world. Asked if we know our own present life’s spiritual mission or not?

(Notes: The draft short notes was prepare by Sister Yoon Chun)

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