Sister Huoi Rong’s House Dana dated Sunday, 29 April 2018

Dear Kalyanamittas,

Below are the audio links and short notes to Bro Teoh’s sharing at Sister Huol Rung’s house dana dated 29.4.2018 for sharing by all.

Huoi Rong’s House Dana dated Sunday, 29 April 2018 (outline pointers)

Bro Teoh on behalf of all Kalyanamittas, thanks Sister Hui Rong and family for hosting this April 2018 house dana which is very wholesome. This monthly (pot luck) house dana  is an occasion for the host to make offering to all kalyanamittas attending  and also act as an occasion for fellowship, wholesomeness, joy, interaction, rejoicing and dharma sharing,  etc.

Sincerity / Honesty is a virtue

  • When you are sincere, things will go your way.
  • Don’t try to know too much or over-analyze. Be honest, sincere, gentle and kind then just let things be and act with understand and wisdom.
  • Blessings in disguise can then happen; E.g. Huol Rung’s house purchase experience and Bro Teoh sharing his own life experiences.

Audio Time: 20:20 onwards,  Dharma Sharing starts

Topics of the day are as per below’s  3 Questions:

Q1. Host Huoi Rong’s husband asks how to let friends (who neglect spiritual practice) see the importance of the spiritual aspect of life?

Q2. Huoi Rong shares her joy of seeing everyone in the house, as this is the first time they have so many visitors. She shares her experience of having the ability to become more observant nowadays of her changing mental states as she goes through her daily life, which is a great gift to her. When encountering negativity, her approach is to quiet down her mind and let the emotions or mental states dissipate, but she finds it very hard to share her understanding with others. She also inquires about how to advance her cultivation further from here onwards?

Q3. Huoi Rong shares her experience of encountering death, with reference to recent departures within the Kalyanamitta group. She asks how one can face pending death with understanding, calm and peace of mind.

[Interruption due to system’s technical fault – Audio Time: 38:20 onwards].

Topic #1 – Spiritual Understanding of Life

Answer to Q1:

    1. It is hard for human beings to be interested in spiritual things (especially listening to spiritual advice), when they are not having real or serious life problems. Also due to most human being’s common misconception of what religion really is and their taboo regarding the discussion of death as a topic.
    2. When there is no appropriate condition to share, don’t be too eager to share. Wait for appropriate causes & conditions. Causes and conditions can either be karmic or affinity wise. Learn to see the signs.


  • To have the ability to share or teach the first criteria is ‘You yourself must develop the change (personality wise and character wise) via your own understanding of the Buddhadharma and the cultivation of it:


      1. Transform your mind via understanding the following essential Dharma  like
        > the 4 NOBLE TRUTHS (essence of the Buddha’s teaching) and its 3 turnings; then cultivate
        > Right view → right thought → right speech → right action → right livelihood/living → 4 right efforts →etc. via following  Noble 8 Fold Path (N8FP).
      2. This transformation gives rise to noble behavior in all aspects of life
        > with the first right view (with regards to law of karma)  i) one will know how to take care of karma via following the advices of all Buddhas to avoid all evil, do good and purify one’s mind and

        ii) Accept the reality of whatever that had arisen (within the moment) so as to be at peace with it.
        asking for forgiveness and sincerely seek repentance for past karmic negativities via unwholesome thoughts, speeches and deeds. Then vow never to violate these 5 precepts again via keeping these precepts closely from then on.
        Invoke power of merits for turnaround and progress along the path of dharma.
        > achieving a unique quality of having the ability to confront all the “8 realities of life and existence” with peace, tranquility and understanding.
        > Finally having the ability to command respect and faith via one’s demeanour or good and wise conduct.

      3. That is, No longer behaving foolishly via using the form and agitated mind to harm oneself and others.
      4. Virtue is our highest protection.


  • Security is a myth, true security stems from understanding yourself and with true wisdom to take care of karma to arise the appropriate causes and conditions for things to go your way via understanding.


  1. In summary: When one cultivates and transforms to be virtuous, wise, kind, gentle, patient, sincere, loving, etc, people will come to you for advice naturally because they can feel and sense that you are different.
  2. 8 Realities of Life and existence:  Birth, old age, sickness and death; separation from loved ones and ones prized possessions, association with the disliked, not able to get what one desires and final summary of – in short the 5 grasping aggregates of form and mind borne of self-delusion is dukkha or suffering  

    Either you accept via wisdom, or be afflicted via delusion via wanting things your way which is not nature’s way. I.e. if one were to attach, crave, and cling onto the 5 aggregates of form and mind via self-delusion, one will suffer and become afflicted.)

  3.  The power of wisdom to free the mind: – Bro Teoh gave an example of his son’s classmate’s death experienced by his son when he was very young (about 9 years old) via telling him ‘it is just a thought’ to free.

Answer to Q2:

    1. Train your mind to be heedful to develop wisdom via the silent mind and the daily mindfulness.
    2. Cultivate the Noble 8-Fold path in daily life (especially the four foundation of mindfulness).


  • Intend on Heedfulness to develop the understanding of the unconditioned dharma and the conditioned dharma.
  • Form and mind even though it is impermanent and not so real or not you (anatta) but it is subject to the law of Karma so one must also have the right understanding to cultivate one’s right duty towards this law of karma to take care of its karma which is needed for future coming.


Answer to Q3:

    1. Nothing is permanent within the conditioned world – “Whatever that is of the nature to arise is of the nature to cease.” Only mighty nature rolling by following nature’s laws.
    2. However, your true nature is the unconditioned (eternal life/nature), i.e. not subjected to birth and death.


  • Realizing that nothing really dies, you will be able to have the understanding to confront death with ease and with that one will be able to live life to the fullest with those understanding.


    (Above draft was prepared by Sister Soo Yee and Sandra)

    Dated: 30.4.2018


Bye! and with metta always,


From: Sister Huol Rung

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[30/04, 09:55] teohkiankoon: House Dana means our monthly gathering at one of our kalyanamitta’s house to make offering to all kalyanamittas attending. It is also an occasion for wholesomeness, joy, fellowship, interaction, rejoicing n dhamma sharing etc.

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