Bro Teoh’s Tuesday Class recording dated 01/05/2018

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01 May 2018 Tues Class – Outline notes

  • Introduction for newcomers.
  • Benefits of performing devotional practice or Puja.

Bro Teoh’s sharing from the Book – “The Buddha and His Teachings” (Chapter 16, Page 298):

  1. Characteristics of Dhamma
  • Sandiṭṭhiko – this dhamma can be realised in the here and the now (no need to wait till death);
  • Akāliko – this dhamma is Beyond thought, beyond time (timeless);
  • Ehipassiko – this dhamma can stand up to investigation (inviting investigation);
  • Opanayiko – this dhamma leads inward into the heart leading to the realisation of Nibbana;
  • Paccattaṃ veditabbo viññūhi ti – This dhamma can be realised or understood by the wise each for themselves.

2.     3 Universal Characteristics of life

  • ANATTA – within the conditional world, everything is dependent originating; only mighty nature rolling by hence empty (emptiness) no ‘permanent-unchanging-entity’ for one to cling and hold onto.
  • ANICCA – impermanent nature of all condition arising entities (only arise when supporting conditions are there, when supporting conditions are no longer there, they cease to be).
  • DUKKHA – craving/clinging and grasping to impermanent entities of the phenomena world of consciousness via wanting things “your way” which is against nature’s way. This implies not able to get what one desires (through one’s habitual tendencies borne of self-delusion), brings about suffering. And mind made are they because upon contact the senses can give rise to sense door consciousness within our form and mind.

3.  Final summary of the 1st Noble truth: When you deludedly grasp onto the 5 aggregates of form and mind as “I” / “Me” and “Mine”, you will be afflicted and suffering will arise.

  • Bro Teoh made reference to the 4 signs (of an old man, a sick man, a dead man, and a Samana) from the life of the Buddha and the 5 daily contemplations as taught by the Buddha to expand on its understanding.

4.   1st aspect of the 5 aggregates of form and mind (as a human being)

  • FORM – physical form.
  • MIND – its 4 aggregates of feeling, perception, content of consciousness (sankhara) and consciousness.

5.  2nd aspect of the 5 aggregates of form and mind (as a mental 5 aggregates)

  • FORM – external form brought into the mind (mental form) via the perception aggregate.
  • MIND – feeling, perception, content of consciousness (sankhara) and consciousness.

6. This so-called living being (5 aggregates of Form and Mind – 1st aspect) is just a karmically conditionedvehicle and tool’ for us to come to this existential world to develop the cultivation and experience all of the pristine beauty and wonders of life. So, use it with wisdom to arise the appropriate right thoughts, right speeches and right actions to be a blessing to all and not to be deluded by it.


7.   5  DAILY CONTEMPLATION: Old age, Sickness/Disease, Death, Separation from loved ones and prized possessions; we are all born of our karma, heir to our karma, conditioned and supported by our karma and we are what we are because of our Karma.

8.    4 NOBLE TRUTHS: Essence of the Buddha’s teaching – When you understand the Buddha of teaching (Dhamma), you understand the secret of life…

  • [MUNDANE ASPECT – 1st and 2nd Noble Truths]

1st Noble Truth – THE REALITIES OF LIFE AND EXISTENCE (the 8 realities)

2th Noble Truth – cause of suffering which is Craving borne of self-delusion

  • [SUPRA MUNDANE ASPECT – 3rd Noble Truth]

3th Noble Truth – Nibbana or ENLIGHTENMENT in the here and the now can be realised (is possible).

  • [MUNDANE CULTIVATION leading to the SUPRA MUNDANE Realisation – 4th Noble Truth]

4th Noble Truth – CULTIVATING THE NOBLE 8 FOLD PATH leading to the end of all suffering/Enlightenment (realisation of Nibbana).

9.  If there isn’t the unconditioned, then freedom from the conditioned world will be IMPOSSIBLE.

– Cessation of form and mind leading to the realisation of Nibbana liberates completely.

(Note: Above outline short notes are prepared by Teoh Soo Yee)

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