Bro. Teoh’s Tuesday Diamond Sutra class recording


Dear All Kalyanamittas,

Below is the  drop box link to  our last  night’s Tuesday  Diamond Sutra class recording for sharing  by  all. For  those who are  going for our  coming 11th March till 19th March 2017 annual Cameron Highlands retreat to take or reaffirm their  Bodhisattva  vows,  please  do listen  to the  below sharing  because it includes the detail explanations of the following cultivation:

 i)  5 Stages of Bodhi Mind development to realize SammaSam Buddhahood;

 ii) Understanding the Diamond sutra’s cultivation of no mark.

iii) Importance of vows and affirmation of truth in cultivation.

Bye! and with metta always,


From: Sister Hui Long
Brother Teoh Tuesday Class on 28/02/2017 record :
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