Weekly Zoom Meditation and Dharma Sharing

Due to Covid-19 pandemic restrictions (MCO) in Malaysia, we are not allowed to conduct any physical classis. Thus we have switched to Zoom conference.

Our weekly class schedule is as follows:

Tue 8pm – 10.30pm
Thu 8pm – 10.30pm
Sun 3pm – 6pm
(Malaysian Time GMT +8:00)

If you are interested to join our zoom meditation and Dharma sharing, pls email us at administrator@broteoh.com

Re: Year end holiday break

Dear Kalyanamittas,

Please be inform that all our classes sharing will of off from 20 Dec till 2 Jan 2021. Class will only commence from 3 Jan 2021.

Therefore I would like to take this opportunity to wish all Kalyanamittas a very Good and Blessed year end Holiday. Also merry Christmas to those who celebrate Christmas.

May the Blessing of the Triple Gems Blessed and Protect u all always. Please do take care and stay safe.

With Metta always,

Bro Teoh


Bro. Teoh’s Tuesday class (10.10.2017) recording

Dear Kalyanamittas,

Below are the audio link to our yesterday’s Tuesday class (10.10.2017) recording for sharing by all. The following important dharma topics were shared:

1. Significance of our coming annual (13th anniversary)  Gathering of Kalyanamittas cum Bro. Teoh’s Birthday celebration dated 22.10.2017.

2. The 3 important milestones achieved for the year 2017:

I) Establishment and launching of our official website

‘broteoh.com’ (https://broteoh.com);

ii) Printing of our transcript book ‘Cultivating the Bodhisattva way’;

iii) The Bodhisattva way’s teaching has been firmly established.

3.  The Buddha and his teaching (page 109 till 118).

Bye! and with metta always,


From: Sis. Hui Long
Brother Teoh Tuesday Class on 10/10/2017 record :
or at:

Posted by: Teoh Kian Koon <teohkiankoon@hotmail.com></teohkiankoon@hotmail.com>

Bro. Teoh’s 44th lesson 6th Patriarch’s Platform sutra recording dated Sunday 30th April 2017

Dear Kalyanamittas,

Bro. Teoh’s Tuesday Class 16th May2017 recording…Buddha and His Teachings Lesson 1 Introduction

Dear Kalyanamittas,

Bro. Teoh’s Tuesday class Diamond sutra recording

Dear Kalyanamittas,