Bro Teoh’s Tuesday class dated 24th July 2018

Dear Kalyanamittas,

Below are the audio links to our last night’s 24th July 2018 recording for sharing by all. Also enclosed are the outline short notes (whose draft was prepared by Sister Yoon Chun) for further sharing by all.

Outline Summary of the Tuesday Talk dated July 24 2018
Subject: Kamma and Vipaka from Buddha and his Teachings Page 350 – 356
Text was read by Sis PG and expounded by Bro Teoh
  1. Every volitional activity is karmic in nature and its Effect is called Vipaka or Fruit of Kamma.
  2. Kamma = mental volition.
  3. In Sensual Realms  – Words and Deeds can give rise to 12 Akusala  citta (immoral consciousness) or  8 Kusala citta (Moral consciousness).
  4. Form Realm (Rupavacara) – 5 rupa citta (consiousness of the form realm).
  5. Formless Realm (Arupavacara)- 4 arupa citta (consciousness of the formless realm).
  6. Total = 29  types of mundane consciousness with Kammic consequences.
  7. Supra mundane consciousness – there are 8 types because there are 4 pairs of enlightened beings of the sainthood  way.
  8. Causes of Kamma = Ignorance (following Dependent Origination.)
  9. Thought is response to Memory.
  10. 2 types of Mind: The True mind and the Mundane or Thinking Mind.
  11. Conditioned views create thoughts that carry problems most of the time because they have attachment and craving borne of delusion. Need right understanding andwisdom to free.

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From: Sister Hui Rong

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