Bro. Teoh’s Thursday class Dharma sharing

Dear Kalyanamittas,

Below is the drop box link to our last night’s 30.3.2017 Dharma recording for sharing by all. Please do listen to the sharing which is very good. Especially so the part on:-

– Disney Land’s video  of the Adult and Baby birds (lessons learnt);

– Understanding Fear and how to root out Fear completely via meditation?

Notes that accompany the Disney video as attached below:   “Sadhu! – to all for trying. Relatively  Good answers  all round. 1st lesson learnt by the baby bird is fear of the unknown – surprised by the sudden attack by the wave. After that the fear n the phobia which is an evil root (delusion) prevents it from learning because it lack the spiritual faculty of  Saddha or faith. Even the mother bird tried to encourage her she still cant or still very reluctant. But when she attentively saw how the small ‘crabs’ got attacked by the wave and yet survive  like very normal via hiding in the hole they dug. This gives the baby bird the confidence n the understanding to try it in real life.  After that ….. – no more fear then life becomes beautiful n wonderful. Meditation n Dharma cultivation is the same. Attentive observation via mindfulness can bring about understanding.”

Bye! and with metta always,                                                             Teoh


From: Bro. Swee Aun

If you missed Bro Teoh’s Thurs class Mar30, you can download at   … Highly recommended 👍
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