Bro Teoh’s 3rd July 2018 Tuesday class sharing

Dear Kalyanamittas,

Below are the audio links to our 3rd July 2018 Tuesday class recording for sharing by all. The outline short notes are as below:

Below are the edited outline short notes for our Tuesday class dated 3rd July 2018.

3rd July 2018 Tuesday Class Outline short notes

A. Reading and sharing of the below daily quotes from J. Krishnamurti :

  1. “Extraordinary Seeing”
  • direct seeing; alertness, attentiveness; just aware; seeing things as they are leading to direct knowledge and vision of the reality (Nanadassana).
  • an insight to be realised; coming upon it unknowingly, there is no effort, noseeking and no experience involved;
  • innate to the free mind which is stille.g. the beating of our hearts (there is no active doing or ‘will’ behind its arising)
  • without seeking” is the only way to find it.
  • this ‘extraordinary seeing’ is not something that can be practiced.
  • the mind is highly sharpened, highly awake, no longer dependent upon any experience to keep itself awake.

2.The Active Still Mind” 

  • the mind can only be silent when it has understood the process of (psychological) time and that requires watchfulness/mindfulness/awareness
  • the really still mind that is astonishingly active, alive, potent in understandingphenomena and their flow; capable of “Extraordinary Seeing”
  • such a mind is verbally free; free from experience and knowledge; understands thefact, as it iswithout translating, without condemning and without judging; andbeing free such a mind is an innocent mind.
  • It is only such a mind that can perceive that which is true, which is beyond time.

3.  Bro Teoh advised the class to attentively read through the outline Short notes dated  21st June 2018 (Thursday class) to develop the clear understanding of therather beautiful dhamma shared.

BDiscussion proper led by Sister PG  from the Reference book: The Buddha and His Teachings – Kamma (Chapter 18, Page 340)

  1. Nature’s law has its own selection
  • Kammic energy is needed for the production of the foetus
  • We (2 aspects of form and mind) are the heirs of our own kamma
  • Accumulated Kammic tendencies inherited, over the course of previous lives, could influence our physical features and mental characteristics, it could also nullify the potentiality of the parental cells and genes
  • The law of Kamma, important as it is, is only 1 of the 24 causal conditions (paccaya) as described in the Abhidhamma pitaka.
  • The law of kamma is very intricate and requires great wisdom borne of awareness from a silent mind to understand.
  • The enlightened pure mind is free, i.e. not afflicted due to non-grasping to the form and (mundane) mind (borne of wisdom).

2.  Sister Chwee’s questions on karma regarding Sakyamuni Buddha’s last meal, and about the other 23 causal conditions were discussed.

3. Bro Teoh’s sharing on the understanding and  workings of our mother Earth’s “planetary consciousness”

  • summation of all the beings’ consciousness on Earth give rise to the planetary consciousness.
  • to change the world, the individual must change; i.e. begin with ourselves.

(Outline prepared by Sis Soo Yee)

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