Bro Teoh’s 19 Feb 2019 Tuesday class

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Below are the audio and short notes links to our 19th Feb 2019 Tuesday class for sharing by all.

Brother Teoh’s February 19 2019 Tuesday Class Short Notes

Book Reference: The Buddha and His Teachings – PATICCA SAMUPPADA (Chapter 25, Page 419 – 427)

1.  Bro Teoh reviewed the 12 links or dependent origination teaching of the Buddha. Although the text book described it as occurring over 3 life timesbut Bro Teoh emphasised that this 12 links teaching are consistently occurring within every moment of our lives. Birth as described in this 12 links teaching is not physical but mental birth manifesting into speech and actions (transgression). Upon contact, feelings immediately arise. Withoutwisdom it will condition craving and grasping, then becoming, thereby being: “born” i.e. manifesting into transgression. These are all mind-made.

2.      For puthujjana, their thinking (sankhara) are based on ignorance (avijja) and they tend to act from memory of past experiences via their views, opinions and mental conditioning. Whereas the ariya (enlightened noble being)having realized wisdom, view the world from their true nature andunderstanding. Their volition, perception and thinking are with wisdom i.e. no evil roots and their 5 aggregates are non-grasping (pure aggregates).

3.      Ignorance is not understanding Non-self and the 4 Noble Truths. It is also latent in moral activities. 

4.      Human birth takes place when the following 3 supporting conditions are present: 
a) A physical body (after conception of ovum and sperm) b) a rebirth consciousness c) kammic force (which becomes the life force) that comes from our karmic nature to pump our heart. (Reason why our blood also has this life force energy)

5.      Thus with Sati, we can be aware of our whole body where there is blood. Our nerves is spread throughout our body to signal to us when any problem appears in our body. When we have our mindfulness (Sati) developed we can detect these signs quickly and take action to heal ourselves.

6.      When the 3 supporting conditions are in place, the being will arise. But at conception the cells only start to subdivide. The being is not formed at this time yet…because No heartbeat. Soon the heart is the first organ to be formed with the life force within. Heartbeat begins by the 3rd week of conception.

According to science the process of conception 
leading to fetus development are as follows:    
Month 1
  • The first month marks the conception with the implantation of the zygote on the uterine wall
  • Some of the multiplying cells develop into a baby while the rest form the placenta that nourishes the baby
  • The heartbeat begins by the 21st day and the spinal cord, nerves, and muscles start developing by the fourth week
Month 2
  • As you enter the second month, the tiny life is no more called a zygote but an embryo, which is just a fraction of an inch long
  • The heart and a basic blood circulatory system are in place
  • Pancreas, liver, and stomach are formed
  • The limb buds are distinct now
  • By the end of this month, all the facial features start developing

    Month 3

  • Starts developing muscles and bones, tooth buds, and fingers and toes. After ten weeks, the baby is called a fetus
  • By week 12, the fetus will measure around 3in and weigh an ounce
  • The skin is transparent
  • Eyelids are closed
  • Muscles and nerves are developing

    Month 4

  • Begins to suck with the mouth
  • The eyebrows, eyelashes, and fingernails have grown
  • Fingerprints are evident
  • The skin has a wrinkled appearance
  • The kidneys start functioning by producing urine
  • Sex determination is possible by this month through anultrasound scan
  • Bowel movements start and meconium is produced in the intestinal tract

    Month 5

  • Measures 6in and 9oz
  • The movements become more distinct and frequent
  • The skin develops fine hair called lanugo and a waxy coating called vernix for protecting and covering the thin skin
  • Can start hearing and swallowing

    Month 6

  • Measures around 12in and weighs about 2lb
  • The bone marrow begins formation of red blood cells
  • Taste buds are formed
  • Lungs develop but not completely
  • The eyes begin to open and the hair starts growing
  • Develops reflexes
  • Genitals are developing faster with boys having testicles descending into scrotum and girls having ovaries with eggs for the lifetime

7.      The Gateway to our nature and the Seat of Consciousness are within our heart area. The feeling or emotion body also resides within this heart.  

(Above draft is by Sister Hooi Yoon Chun)

With metta always,

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