Bro Teoh’s 16th Oct 2018 Tuesday class

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Below are the edited 16th October 2018 Tuesday class outline short notes for sharing by all:

Brother Teoh’s 16th October 2018 Tuesday Class outline Short Notes

Book Reference: The Buddha and His TeachingsNature of Kamma (Chapter 21, Page 385)

  1. Do Good begets good, but any subsequent regrets/negativity-in-perception of the good deed, would deprive the doer from the full benefits of the desirable results provided by kamma. – Important advice.
  2. 3 important factors to have with regards to performing meritorious deeds in order to reap their highest benefits:
    1. Done with joy throughout or at all times – before, during and after (Somanassa-sahagatam)
    2. Done with wisdom (Naya-sampayuttam)
    3. Unprompted or spontaneous (Asankharikam)
  3. There are beneficent (aids/favours) and maleficent (hindering/impeding) forces to the fruition of Karma.
    These forces constantly counteract, and support the self-operating law of Karma.

    1. Birth (gati)
      ◌ favourable/noble birth (Gati Sampatti), and unfavourable/poor birth (Gati Vipatti)
    2. Time or Conditions (kāla)
      ◌ favourable/peace/harmony (Kalā Sampatti), and unfavourable/war-torn/natural disasters (Kalā Vipatti)
    3. Personality or Appearance (upadhi)
      ◌ attractive/pleasant (Upadhi Sampatti), and unattractive/unpleasant (Upadhi Vipatti)
    4. The most important! – Personal effort (Payoga), which plays a great part among these forces
      ◌ effort/diligence/passion (Payoga Sampatti), and the lack of it (Payoga Vipatti)
      ◌ This force creates fresh Karma, potentially changing surroundings, environment, and even the world
      ◌ Don’t be lazy/complacent as it will cause downfall,
      i.e. evil Kamma will find crevices/openings to produce its due effects
      ◌ Make a strenuous effort to pull out the weeds and sow useful seeds in their place
      ◌ By our deeds, speech and thoughts we create our own hells, and by our own deeds we can also create
      our own heavens. Without the dharma or wisdom we will fall. The dharma can help change your life
      destiny for the better: better personality, character and understanding of life.
      “We are architects of our own fate”
      “We are our own creators/destroyers”
      “The future is in your hands” and “We hold the key to our life destiny.”
  4. The doctrine of Karma gives consolation, hope, reliance, and moral courage to Buddhists
    1. It validates good effort and kindles enthusiasm/spiritual zeal
    2. It teaches individual responsibility
    3. He who believes in Karma, does not condemn even the most corrupt, for they have their chance to reform themselves at any moment
    4. Understanding this gives you a huge advantage to truly live life to the fullest
  5. Never violate the precepts, it is never worthwhile
    1. Ordinary perspective – Karma serves as a deterrent from unwholesomeness
    2. More profound perspective – Karma serves as an incentive to do good/wholesomeness
  6. Preview of next Thursday class (18-Oct-2018) dharma discussion topic
    1. referencing a video of Anita Moorjani sharing her out-of body and near-death experience
    2. Dying to be me! Anita Moorjani at TEDxBayArea – YouTube

      Doctors had given Anita Moorjani just hours to live when she arrived at the hospital in a coma on the morning of February 2nd, 2006. Unable to move as a resu…

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