Sallekha Sutta, Middle Discourses, MN8: Majjhima Nikāya 8

Dear Kalyanamittas,

Below emails regarding this Sallekha Sutta for sharing by all. Please do read through the sutta and watch out for the sharing which I will schedule next Tuesday class 21 September 2021.
With metta always,
Dear Sister, Eng Bee,
Maha Sadhu! to u for your rather good ability to understand and appreciate this Sallekha Sutta (Discourse on Effacement). This sutta clearly points out that the 1st to 8th Jhanas Eight attainment are not states of enlightenment but just ‘pleasant abidings here and now’. The actual cultivation is very different. It demands insight leading to the following understanding:
‘if the object in relation to which those views arise, which they underlie, and which they are exercised upon is seen as it actually is with proper wisdom [yathābhūtaṁ sammappaññā passato] thus: ‘This is not mine, this I am not, this is not my self,’ [‘netaṁ mama, nesohamasmi, na me so attā’ti] then the abandoning and relinquishing of those views comes about. 
The Buddha then list out the 44 negative states of mind that need to be understood and deal with via proper cultivation. 
The last time I shared this sutta was in the year 2005 and your request on behalf of other kalyanamittas for me to share this sutta in one of our classes is beautiful and sadhu! to u for the wholesomeness.
I will share it again during this 21st September Tuesday class.
Sadhu!  and with metta,
Dear BroTeoh,
Namo Buddhāya!    🙏🙏🙏
This MN8 is such a beautiful Teaching of the Buddha !!!
I have taken hints from you to look up at this sutta; but only today, this is possible. I
t will be our blessings if BroTeoh can find time to share this sutta with us in any of the classes.
Rejoicing in advance because my heart is smiling even at this moment, after I have read through it…. 🙏🙏🙏
Sukhi hontu.
May All Beings Be Well, Happy, Peaceful & Safe Always.
Sādhu & with mettā, EngBee

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