Last Sunday’s 42nd lesson of the 6th Patriarch Platform sutra

Dear All Kalyanamittas,

Below is the drop box link to our last Sunday’s (42nd lesson of the 6th Patriarch Platform sutra) recording for sharing by all. Please do listen to the sharing by Sis. Lee and Mindy which are very good especially the latter’s sharing.

Question from Sis. Chin/Mindy is:
Bro Teoh, just now I felt the energy was very strong during the sitting meditation. The energy was like bubbles and hot, it melt into my bubbles (the form). One or two weeks before, I had an experience in my sitting meditation. I felt something soft touched me and I thought it was my daughter. When I opened my eyes, there’s nothing. Then I continued the meditation, my body was repeatedly wrapped with energy and it melt in my body and became clear. During meditation, the mind and body is separate. The mind is calm, but the body is a bit stiff. Sometime I felt the mindfulness is too strong and my heart base is squeezed and not comfortable. Can Brother explain?

Bye! and with metta always,


From: Sis. Lee Siew Gaik

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