J Krishnamurti’s daily quote on ‘Listening brings freedom’ 

Dear Kalyanamittas,
Below is a very profound and beautiful J Krishnamurti’s daily quote on ‘Listening brings freedom’ for sharing by all. Please do read through it mindfully to grasps the  deep understanding as expressed by the daily quote. This can bring about awakening and liberation of mind when understood. This is real meditation.
Bye! and with metta always,
J. Krishnamurti Online
Listening brings freedom

When you make an effort to listen, are you listening? Is not that very effort a distraction that prevents listening? Do you make an effort when you listen to something that gives you delight?… You are not aware of the truth, nor do you see the false as the false, as long as your mind is occupied in any way with effort, with comparison, with justification or condemnation...

Listening itself is a complete act; the very act of listening brings its own freedom. But are you really concerned with listening, or with altering the turmoil within? If you would listen, sir, in the sense of being  aware of your conflicts and contradictions without  forcing them into any particular pattern of thought, perhaps they might altogether cease. You see, we are constantly trying to be this or that, to  achieve a particular state, to capture one kind of experience and avoid another, so the mind is everlastingly occupied with something; it is never still tlisten to the noise of its own struggles and pains. Be simple … and don’t try to become something or to capture some experience.

The Book of Life, January 5, Harper San Francisco, 1995

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