Re: Recent March 2019 Cameron Highlands Dharma video clips.

Dear Kalyanamittas,
Below are some of the very importance Cameron Highlands recent March 2019 Meditation retreat dharma video clips for sharing by all:
[16/05, 20:07] teohkiankoon:

[16/05, 20:07] teohkiankoon:

[16/05, 20:07] teohkiankoon: Another *profound sharing* from Bro Teoh at Cameron retreat on Understanding the 5 aggregates of Form and Mind for real transformation. 🙏🙏🙏

Published on Apr 7, 2019

Complete audio of the talk can be downloaded from…

Cameron Retreat 2019 :…

Book reference for the above talk : Heart Sutra Appendix 3 page 144

For more information please click on this website:     Yesterday Tuesday class (14.5.2019) talk on *Understanding the 5 Aggregate of Form & Mind*  A very good and clear explanation was given by Bro Teoh Kian Koon.

March 2019 Nine days annual Meditation retreat at Sam Poh temple, Cameron Highlands.

Dear Kalyanamittas,
Enclosed herewith is the retreat programme for our coming March 15th till 23rd 9 days Meditation retreat for sharing by all. A printed hard copy of the above programme will be given to all those going for the retreat during the briefing to be held in early March.
Retreat programme link:
Bye! and with metta always,

Re: Bro Teoh’s March 2018 Cameron Highlands Meditation Retreat Briefing

Annual Meditation retreat at Sam Poh Temple at Brinchang, Cameron Highlands

Annual March 2017 Meditation retreat at Triple Gem Temple, Brinchang Cameron Highlands
Visit to Mangala Lodge Kampar. 19th March 2017
Committee Members for March 2017 Annual Meditation Retreat
March 2017 Annual Meditation Retreat
March 2017 Annual Retreat at Sam Poh (Triple Gem) Temple

Dear Kalyanamittas,

We are please to inform that our recently concluded March 11th – 19th 2017 annual  9 days Meditation Retreat at Triple Gem (Sam Poh Temple), Brinchang, Cameron Highland was a great success and because of the rather tranquil and beautiful setting, nature’s energy, weather and rather unique and good sharing all yogis who participated were full of joy, have developed much better understanding of the dharma and faith after that.

We were also invited by Bro. Koh Lai Huat and his wife (Mdm Beh) of Mangala Lodge to a very sumptuous lunch at Kampar town before proceeding to visit their Mangala Lodge center near UTAR campus, Kampar.     Later on Bro. Teoh was invited to give a dharma talk title : ‘Managing relationship with people‘ at their Mangala Lodge center.

The relevant photos and recorded talks will be download on this website soon.

With Metta always,

Bro. Teoh