Bro. Teoh’s Tuesday Dharma class 21.2.2017 recording.

Dear all Kalyanamittas,

Below is the drop box link to our last Tuesday Diamond sutra Dharma class (21.2.17) recording for sharing by all.  Please do listen to it attentively. The following dharma were also discussed:

  1. What is Vipassana Bhavana or meditation?
  2. Clear instructions and explanation on how to develop the meditation as taught by the Buddha.
  3. Understanding the  silent mind, Sati, piti, sukha and passaddhi.
  4. Introducing the following latest 2 new Transcript books which are now ready for collection by all Kalyanamittas:

i) 36th Lesson of the 6th Patriarch’s Platform sutra;       ii) Understanding the meditation as taught by the Buddha (Part 2)


Bye! and with metta always,


Last night’s Tues Class sharing (21feb2017) is ready for download:

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