Bro Teoh’s Tuesday class sharing dated 12th June 2018

Dear All kalyanamittas,

Below are the audio links to our last night’s Tuesday class recording for sharing by all. The topic discussed  is on Karma. 

12 Jun 2018 Tuesday  Class outline short notes:

Ref. Book: The Buddha and His Teachings (Chapter 18, Page 333) – “Kamma”

  1. Discussion led by Sister PG  with reflection on the phrase “We are born of our karma, heir to our karma, condition and supported by our karma; we are what we are because of our karma” (5th of the5 daily contemplations as advice by Lord Buddha).
  2. Core subjects  of Buddhism that interest discussion starts with:
  • karma
  • Question on heredity referencing a quote from Theophile Pascal’s book “Reincarnation – A Study in Human Evolution”
  • Discussion on the Cause of Inequality and ones outlook on life

3. Sis PG shared about acceptance regarding her friend, during her recent               trip back to Penang for the GE14 election.

4. Sis Alicia’s sharing about her growing-up years and then juggling family                life with work. Advise to earn money the righteous way.

5. Bro Tune’s comment on genes and heredity as part of the 5 great nature laws,connecting back to karma.

6. Sis Padmasuri shared her  great   determination   and struggles to attend school and university lead to her good life later on. Even through tough times, things fall into place and problems get resolved. 7.  Bro Teoh spoke about karmic past and links, then continued to share about his own life since young, till after schooling years. His advice: Be sincere, do yourduties well, have faith, persevere  and   things   will always go your way and youwill have the good life.

8. Sis Yoon Chun share about having alot of freedom and being blessed in life, also interesting affinities to learn Buddhism and meditation.

(Above draft Outline – prepared by Sis Soo Yee)

Bye! and with metta always,


From: Sister Hui Rung 
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