Bro Teoh’s Tuesday class dated 29th May 2018(Wesak Day)

Dear Kalyanamittas,

Below are the audio links to our Tuesday class dated 29th May 2018 recording for sharing by all.

The outline short notes is as below:

Outline notes for our 29th May 2018 Tuesday class sharing
  1. Wesak is a Thrice sacred Day to commemorate Buddha’s birth, enlightenment n parinibanna.
  2. Significance of Wesak. An auspicious day and an occasion for a lot of wholesomeness, generosity and joy by people all over the world.
  3. Chanted Dhammacakkappavattana sutta (1st Sermon of the Buddha).
  4. Significance of this sutta to set the Dhamma wheel in motion.
  5. Sharing by kalyanamittas on how they spend their Wesak Day.

Bye! and with metta always,


From: Sister Hui Rung

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