Bro Teoh’s Tuesday class dated 28th August 2018

Dear Kalyanamittas,

Below are the audio links to our 28th August 2018 Tuesday class recording for sharing by all. Also attached are the outline short notes.

Brother Teoh’s 29 August 2018 Tuesday Talk outline Short Notes

  1. Review of 9 Aug outline short notes prepared by Sister Phey Yuen.
  2. Sister Padmasuri was full of joy after hearing the Yunnan spiritual trip’s reports from Kalyanamittas in previous classes on how it had benefitted them and also how it had turned out so beautifully. She recollects the occasions when her thoughts projection lead to proliferation of her fears (during landslides, bad weather, etc) and anxieties (when encountering unfamiliar rites and rituals). She then shares her realisation that without those wrong thoughts, those negativities are immediately unfounded and she was able to return to experiencing the beautiful Yunnan nature within its vicinity.
  3. Discussion on importance and significance of straightening our views to inculcate wholesome right thoughts, to challenge our rigid belief systems, formed through society’s conditioning via investigating within to develop the understanding.
  4. Bro Teoh expanded on the topic regarding rites and rituals, with examples of differing views and opinions (all seemingly logical debates from each person’s standpoint). Then he recaps the following reminders to kalyanamittas:

a.  Faith not born of understanding is blind faith.

b.  Faith born of understanding is unshakable.

c. Without understanding one is force to just belief or accept what is being told.

5. Expression of gratitude to Mr. Er for his good itinerary suggestions leading to the wonderful and unhindered visits to so many rather meaningful and beautiful temples with good energy, especially those in Dali region, which still preserves the Buddha teachings.

6. Sharing of real life experiences that reveal to the true cultivators, the profound workings of nature and karmic forces. How with understanding leading to the right cultivation that resulted in nature’s rather favourable conditions unfolding all the way leading to such beautiful and wonderful spiritual trip that was like meant to be.

7. Sister Padmasuri wraps up by remarking that the planning for every of our spiritual trips (5 thus far) are all very unique experiences because they are all very different. It is not applicable to leverage considerations / decisions from past trips. Each and every decision needed was made in accordance to conditions that arise during the progression of the trip via understanding, leading to each and every unpredictable journey also unfolding beautifully; like everything just falling into places. Have faith and just trust your beautiful nature developed via right (true) understanding.

(Above outline short notes draft was prepared by Sis. Soo Yee)

Bye! and with metta always,


From: Sis Hui Rong

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