Bro. Teoh’s Tuesday class dated 26.7.2017 recording

Dear Kalyanamittas,
Below is the audio link to our last night’s Tuesday class recording dated 26.7.2017 for sharing by all. Do listen to the rather good sharing where the following dharma were discussed:

i) Understanding Nibbana

ii) Dependent Origination

iii) When this arise that arise, when this ceases that ceases.  (Imasmim sati idam hoti; Imasmim asati idam na hoti)        – this is how duality and dependent origination manifest.

iv) Cause of suffering is attachment or craving.  Attachment/craving arises from  self-delusion.  Behind self-delusion is ignorance.  Only wisdom can cease       ignorance and free our mind from all suffering, leading to Enlightenment.

Bye!  and with metta always,


From: Sis. Hui Long

Brother Teoh Tuesday Class on 25/07/2017 record :
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