Bro Teoh’s Tuesday class dated 19th June 2018 recording

Dear Kalyanamittas,

Below are the audio links to our last Tuesday class dated 19th June 2018’s recording for sharing by all. The outline short notes as prepared by Sister Yoon Chun are as below:

Outline short notes for our Tuesday class dated 19th June 2018

  1. discussion session on Law of kamma was held where the following topics were discussed :
  • Cause of Inequality in life resulting from the effects of kamma.
  • Even children or siblings or twins with similar DNA live different lifestyles and have different characters and personality.
  • Bro Fong asked: can kamma be created without intention? He sighted a Mahayana case of an incident that occured to Nagajuna as an example of indirect effect of kamma.
  • Sis Chwee commented on the wrongs committed by certain politicians who seems to have escaped the effect of Kamma vipaka.
  • Sis Alicia asked how can Buddhists avoid/overcome the kammic effect of killing ants and termites to prevent damage to property and for cleanliness. Bro Teoh gave 3 important and useful advices to overcome the above.
  • Direct and indirect kamma.

2. Bro Teoh explained the great complexities of Kamma and emphasized the importanceof acting with right and appropriate wholesome mental intention. The key to understanding the effect of kamma depends entirely on understanding one’s mental intention behind. Hence one’s mental intention is most important because according to the Buddha ‘it is mental volition or intention that he calls kamma’.

  • The following five conditions are necessary to complete the evil of killing :     i. there must be a living being, ii. knowledge that it is a living being, iii. intention of killing, iv. effort to kill, and v. consequent death.
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From: Sister Hui Rong
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