Bro Teoh’s 9 April  2019 Tuesday class

Dear Kalyanamittas,
Enclosed below are the audio and short notes links to our 9 April  2019 Tuesday class for sharing by all.
Dear Sister Yoon Chun and all,
Enclose below is the edit outline short notes for sharing by all.
Brother Teoh’s Apr 9 2019 Tuesday Class Short Notes

Book Reference: The Buddha and His Teachings –WHAT IS IT THAT IS REBORN?Chapter 29, Page 453 – 454)

  1. Apart from the 5 Aggregates or Mind & Matter, there is NO eternal Soul,or a permanent Unchanging Entity. Buddhism refutes the theory of an Almighty and all-powerful God. If that was so, we should be living in a Utopia, without all the nature’s disasters, diseases, problems, conflict, fighting, wars and suffering in this World. This was corroborated by a very famous and popular Physicist, Steven Hawkins too. His rationale is that if a Creator God did exist, then how did he come into existence and what was he doing before he created the World and Man?
  2. So, what is reborn? What dies and Who diesDeath is just the separationof the consciousness from the form (body) after the death consciousness has occurred. The physical form which consist of the 4 elements will disintegrates and go the way of nature at Death. The rebirth consciousness which immediately occur  after the death consciousnesswill seeks out another body (a new form and mind or segmented life) to start another life according to the law of karma. Technically, No one is reborn because the new form and mind is  dependent originating and it is not permanent unchanging entity. It is connected to our karmic nature but it is not us. It is just a karmically conditioned form and mind (‘vehicle and tool’) for us to come to this existential world to live life. It is the craving force that binds the consciousness to a Form for life to exist.
  3. We should make our own investigations into such matters with our Silent Mind or with our True Nature. Through proper meditation we will gain understanding of the truth and come to realize who and what we are clearly.
    (The above draft short notes is prepared by Sister Hooi Yoon Chun).

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