Bro Teoh’s 20 August 2019 Tuesday class

Dear Kalyanamittas,
Enclosed below are the above audio and short notes links of our 20 August 2019 Tuesday class for sharing by all.
With metta always,
Bro Teoh
Dear Yoon Chun and all,
Enclose herewith is the above edited outline short notes for sharing by all.

Brother Teoh’s Aug 20th 2019 Tuesday Class Short Notes

Book Review: The BUDDHA & his TEACHINGS

Chapter 38/39: STATE OF ARAHANT Page 551

1.       An ARAHANT continues to live until his Kammic Force in that life is spent. He doesn’t create any fresh negative Kamma and is no longer deluded. He has rooted out ignorant. When he passes away, his life force and consciousness become extinguished, like the path of Birds in the air…cannot be traced. He is neither Reborn (as all Passions that condition Rebirth are eradicated) nor NOT Reborn because there is nobody inside there. It is just a phenomenon which is dependent originating, like a flame being extinguished when conditions cease to be.


2.      living Arahant is Non-grasping with Wisdom connected to his Form and Mind. He uses the Five Aggregates of form and mind to cultivate, to gain wisdom and to realise the truth. He exists in a perfectly peaceful and Happy State. He is calm in Mind and lives the noble life with appropriate right Speeches and Actions.

3.      Beyond the Arahant stage, the advance cultivators (especially Bodhisattvas) will cultivate until they realize their true nature and finally locate the gateway to their nature to continue their cultivation of the Bodhisattva way.  Their wisdom then transform until their wisdom consciousness’s vibration becomes very fine. This Fine vibrations he experiences will cause his mundane mind (which is too gross) to collapse. Without the mundane mind inside, he is not obscured by anything. His True mind from his true nature then shines forth to see things as they are clearly. Words cannot describe this state.   

(Above draft outline short notes was prepared by Sister Yoon Chun)

With metta always,

Bro Teoh

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