Bro Teoh’s 16th Dec 2018 Sunday class

Dear Kalyanamittas,
Below are the audio and short notes links to our Sunday class dated 16th Dec 2018 recording for sharing by all.
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Enclosed below are the above edited outline short notes for sharing by all.

Outline short notes for Sunday class dated 16th Dec 2018

Reference book: Bro Teoh’s transcript book, ‘Cultivating the Bodhisattva Way’, pages 37-41

  1. After one realized Nibbana in the here and the now, one will understand what this 5 aggregates of form and mind is. For the sotapana they usually experience only a glimpse of this cessation (Nibbana) but this is already profound enough.
  2. The eternal Nature is never born, therefore never dies.
  3. The mundane mind cannot conceptualize or express in words what Nibbana is?
  4. Dharma is just the teaching pointing towards the realization of Nibbana.
  5. Only the form and mind that has gone through this cessation can understands, otherwise, it’s just knowledge based on ideas and concepts.
  6. We must meditate and cultivate sincerely and diligently to realize this cessation.
  7. To walk the Sainthood way, refer to the Heart Sutra Short Notes Book.
  8. Have faith, sincerity and perseverance to develop the cultivation until Sati comes.
  9. Daily mindfulness (Sati Sampajana) is very important – it must be cultivated before one can move on to cultivate the 4 foundations of mindfulness. With Sati, one will have wise attention at the moment of sense experiences, leading to sense restraint. Sense restraints enables one to develop the 3 ways of right conduct.
  10. Only after overcoming covetousness and grief, can we begin on the cultivation of the 4 Foundations of mindfulness.
  11. Please refer to the very important Thursday class outline short notes dated 6 December 2018 to check your progress in the cultivation. These notes put forth the guidelines for you to be awakened. The short notes talk about the Avijja Sutra.
  12. The Dharma sharing has to be repeated because the important messages have not been sunk in as yet. Most of you are still having your old habits, reacting the same way (with fear, worry, anxiety etc.) to sense experiences. When one lack understanding of the cultivation one tend to seek for teachers and teaching everywhere without any clear focus. When the Dharma is not put into practice with understanding one can never progress. Reason why pariyatti is the 1st phase of dhamma is very important.
  13. We must have gratitude and thank our good karmic nature to have met up with the true Teachings this life.
  14. After we have trained the mind to develop sati via formal meditative training,stabilized it to develop the daily mindfulness until you are ever mindful and constantly meditative. Determine to be aware all the time.
  15. The 2nd session is meditation for 45 minutes followed by a review of the 6thDecember Thursday class outline short notes which are very important. Please do listened to the recording for detail of its sharing.

(Above draft by Sister Chow Mun Yuen)

Bye! with metta always,


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