Bro Teoh’s 10th July 2018 Tuesday class sharing

Dear Kalyanamittas,

Below are the audio links to our 10th July 2018 Tuesday class recording for sharing by all. Also enclose below are the outline short notes:

Outline short notes for Tuesday class dated 10th July 2018

  1. Bro Teoh walked us through the outline short notes of thu class on jun 28th and sun class on jul 1st.
  2. Sis PG continued her sharing on the subject of kamma from pages 343 to 347 of the reference text, ‘The Buddha and his teachings’, relating to the 5 Universal lawsor panca nyama. The text suggested transmigration to next life which is incorrect but should be just normal rebirth, as we dont have a permanent unchanging soul that transmigrate. We need  to realize the true mind before we can inherit from our spiritual nature.
  3. Sis PG asked how kamma propels people to be leaders, presidents and prime ministers. Bro. Teoh explained that most of these leaders use their very strong and determined ‘will power’ to aspire or will for it to arise.

(above outline short notes prepared by Sister Yoon Chun)

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