Bro Teoh’s Tuesday class recording dated 26th June 2018

Dear Kalyanamittas,

Below are the audio links to our last Tuesday class dated 26th June 2018 recording for sharing by all. The outline short notes are as below:

Outline short notes for last Tuesday (26th June 2018) talk presented by Sis PG Lim on Kamma – from pg 337 to 340 of the book ‘The Buddha n his teaching’

1. Our various actions impact our future lives e.g. mercilous killing causes short life, non-killing, compassion, kindness and love cause long life, Hurting and harming others cause one to be born with illnesses and disease, faith overcomes fear, etc. Thus these variouos karmic vipaka result in inequality in life.
2.Sis PG asked why Mongallana did not face retribution for parricide committed in his past life. Bro Teoh’s replied to her was very good. Please do listen to the sharing. Reason why Bro Teoh said ‘the Law of kamma is very complex and complicated and it can only be understood by a Sammasambuddha or a great cultivator’.
3. Sis Han shared that the very poor especially some of those in India where she saw are deprived of the 4 simple basic needs of life. She reflected on karma and understood that they were born under such conditions because they lack merits
4. Bro Teoh advise us to see through the danger of not taking care of karma via being heedless most of the time. We all should always be mindful of this law of karma so that we will constantly follow the advice of the Buddha to avoid all Evil (by keeping our precepts), hasten to do good deeds (preferrably unprompted) and purify our mind via meditation.

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