Latest book launched – ‘The 5 Aggregates of Form and Mind’

Dear Kalyanamittas,
We had on the 1st Jan 2019 launched the above book –  ‘The 5 Aggregates of Form and Mind’ and its website’s link is as below:
This is a very good transcript book that explained clearly what this 5 aggregates of form and mind as taught by the Buddha is. The transcript is based on a dhamma sharing as delivered by me in the year March 2005.
Please do read through it attentively to develop the clear understanding of it. If u want a hard copy u can request for it from us.
Bye! and with metta always,

Bro. Teoh’s 24th Feb. 2017 TiRatana NBC Klang Dharma talk

Dear All Kalyanamittas,

Below/this is the drop box link Teoh Klang 170224 Understanding Satipatthana.MP3 to my last night’s (Feb24 2017) TiRatana NBC Klang talk  on”Understanding Satipatthana” for sharing by all. The following important Dhamma were also shared:

i) The 37 factors of Enlightenments;

ii) The 4 foundations of mindfulness (Kaya, vedana, citta and dhamma nupassana;

iii) Master Hui Neng (6th Patriarch) and Shen Shiu’s poems;

iv) Importance of cultivating the daily mindfulness leading to Heedfulness.

v) Introducing my following 2 new Transcript books for free distribution to all Kalyanamittas:

a) 36th Lesson of the 6th Patriarch’s Platform sutra;

b) Understanding the meditation as taught by the Buddha (Part 2)


Bye! and with metta always,


From: Bro. SweeAun:
If you missed Bro Teoh’s TiRatana NBC Klang talk  Feb24 2017 on “Understanding Satipatthana”, you can download at :  … HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
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Bro. Teoh’s Thursday 23.2.2017 class recording

Dear All Kalyanamittas,

Below/this is the drop box link Teoh Thur Class 20170223.MP3 to our 23.2.2017 night’s Thursday class recording for sharing by all.

With metta always,


From: Bro. Tune                                                                                     Tonight’s Thursday Class sharing (23feb2017) by Bro. Teoh is now ready for download: