Bro Teoh’s 8th Jan 2019 Tuesday class

Dearest Kalyanamittas,
Below are the audio and short notes links to our 8th Jan 2019 recording for sharing by all.
Enclosed is the 8th Jan 2019 Tuesday class outline short notes for sharing by all.

Brother Teoh’s 08 January 2019 Tuesday Class outline Short Notes

Reference Book: The Buddha and His Teachings by Ven. Narada (Chapter 24 – Reasons to Believe in Rebirth, Page 412)

  1. Brother Teoh shares a few stories about encounters with mediums (people getting into trance with body possessed by non-humans). 
  2. Multiple questions regarding the formless state of non-humans were clarified and discussed.
  3. Sister PG shares her experience of sensing non-humans (feeling sudden chill).
  4. Bro Teoh shares that there is no need to fear non-humans as they do not have a physical body to harm you. Non-humans usually only have negative energy field, which may be used by them to amplify your fears. They can sense your fear. With mindfulness and no movement of thought, there will be no fear in you. Virtue, precepts and loving kindness (metta) protects.
  5. Sis Stephanie shares an occasion about difficulty sleeping in an accommodation that used to be a church.
  6. Sis PG asks regarding eerie places of redevelopment, e.g. the redevelopment of Pudu Jail.
  7. Communication with non-humans and remnant of consciousness that came out of the body after death is possible, as they exist even if you don’t see them. They can see and hear you very clearly and they have emotions too. Because of their delusion, sometimes they do get angry. Be sensitive and considerate in seeking their kind understanding and cooperation.
  • E.g. you can talk to them explaining: “In our society, after we have bought the place, we own the building, and we have the right to do renovation, etc. I understand you were here before me and that this has been your dwelling. Please understand that we don’t mean any harm. I seek your forgiveness if I have offended you. You are welcome to stay and I hope you can help protect and keep this place safe.”
    • Bro Teoh shared a few more examples from his life’s experience with the class.(Above outline short notes draft was prepared by Sis Soo Yee)

Bye! and with metta always,


J Krishnamurti daily quote on ‘Is religion a matter of belief?’

Dear Kalyanamittas,
Below is a very beautiful J Krishnamurti quote on ‘Is religion a matter of belief?’ for sharing by all.
J. Krishnamurti quote
Is religion a matter of belief?

Religion as we generally know it or acknowledge it, is a series of beliefs, of dogmas, of rituals, of superstitions, of worship of idols, of charms and gurus that will lead you to what you want as an ultimate goal. The ultimate truth is your projection, that is what you want, which will make you happy, which will give a certainty  of the deathless state. So, the mind caught in all this   creates a religion, a religion of dogmas, of priest-craft, of superstitions and idol-worship—and in that, you are caught and the mind stagnates. Is that religion? Is religion a matter of belief, a matter of  knowledge of other people’s experiences and   assertions? Or is religion merely the following of morality? You know it is comparatively easy to be moral—to do this and not to do that. Because it is easy, you can imitate a moral systemBehind that morality,  lurks the self, growing, expanding, aggressive and dominating. But is that religion?

You have to find out what truth is because that is the only thing that matters, not whether you are rich or poor, not whether you are happily married and have children,  because they all come to an end, there is always death. So, without any form of belief, you must find out; you must have the vigor, the self-reliance, the initiative, so that for yourself you know what truth is, what God is. Belief will not give you anything; belief only corrupts, binds and darkens. The mind can only be free through vigor, through self-reliance.

Bye! and with metta always,