Cameron Highlands Retreats 2023

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Cameron Retreat 18 – 26 October 2023

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18 Oct
231018 Day 1 (1) 3pm – 520pm Retreat introduction – Main Purposes and intent

Essence of the Buddha’s Teaching

Overcome drowsiness / sleepiness during meditation

231018 Day 1 (2) 520pm – 6pm Heart Sutra pg 1 – 3

Benefits one can achieve attending Cameron spiritual retreat


231018 Day 1 (3) 7pm – 945pm Heart Sutra pg 5 – 6

4 Supports for Awareness based Meditation

Knowledge vs wisdom

Emptiness is form, form is emptiness

19 Oct
231019 Day 2 (1) 615am- 7am 8 Precepts, Morning Exercise & Meditation
231019 Day 2 (2) 830am-930am Question & Answer

Questions are a means of seeking Dharma understanding, not just Dharma knowledge

What is meditation? 99% of the people get it wrong

231019 Day 2 (2.5) 930am-1130am Heart Sutra pg 6 – 10

We choose aware every action & every movement in the present moment. This is the highest meditation

2 Aspects of the 5 Aggregate of Form and Mind

5 Spiritual Faculties

If you understand this, your life will be transformed and filled with happiness

231019 Day 2 (3) 1.30pm-3pm Heart Sutra pg 10 – 18

3 Poison of Greed, Hatred and Delusions

231019 Day 2 (4) 4pm-6pm Question & Answer , Heart Sutra pg 19 – 28

How to relax

Swimming is one of the skillful ways to train up your Sati

Important to resolve all issues amicably with Harmony, Love & Understanding

231019 Day 2 (5) 7pm – 930pm Anattalakkana Sutta & Heart Sutra pg 28 – 35

The disclosure of the Anattalakkhana Sutta and Paṭicca Samuppada (Dependent Origination)

Bodhisattva can choice their way to come

Kuan Yin Manifestation

20 Oct  
231020 Day 3 (1) 615am-730am 8 Precepts, Morning Exercise & Meditation

The accumulation of negative psychological memories and emotions leads to suffering

231020 Day 3 (2) 830am-9am Morning Chanting & Reflections

Important understanding for meditators

231020 Day 3 (3) 945am-12pm Heart Sutra pg 36 – 46

Without wisdom you can’t let go / No reality

4 types of happiness for a lay man

5 ways to overcome unwholesome thoughts

Physical and Psychological time

231020 Day 3 (4) 130pm-3pm Heart Sutra pg 46 – 51

起心动念 (Arising of your mundane mind creates thinking)

231020 Day 3 (5) 4pm – 6pm Question and Answer, Heart Sutra pg 51 – 55

Beauty of Lying down meditation/ danger of doing energy field meditatio

Mind is Mind, Body is Body, Body is never the Mind and The Mind is never the Body……….

Different between Awareness based and One pointedness samatha meditation & 5 Jhana factors

231020 Day 3 (6) 7pm – 930pm Evening Chanting, Heart Sutra pg 56-62

Key advice on Awareness based Meditation

This world of ours is an illusionary world – a world of consciouness only

Is your life destined?

21 Oct  
231021 Day 4 (1) 615am-730am 8 Precepts, Morning Exercise, 4 Support for awareness based meditation

To develop Mindfulness – you NEED NOT slow down your movements and activities

231021 Day 4 (2) 8.30am – 9am Morning Chanting & Meditation
231021 Day 4 (3) 940am-1030am Question & Answer, Dynamic Meditation

Luang Por Teean Dynamic Meditation and life stories (Thailand trip + Mediation Experiences)

231021 Day 4 (4) 1030am-12pm Heart Sutra pg 62 – 65

J. Krishnamurti’s Quotes – Observer and the Observed

231021 Day 4 (5) 130pm-3pm Heart Sutra pg 65 – 69 & Mrs Teoh sharing

The 4 Foundations of Mindfulness is step 8 of the Avijja Sutta

231021 Day 4 (6) 4pm-6pm Heart Sutra pg 69 – 83 & Sis Adeline sharing

How to cultivate 2nd turning wisdom of Cinatamaya Panna via inquiry, contemplation and reflection

2nd turning of the 4th Noble Truth (regarding N8FP)’s emphasis is on the word “is to be Cultivated”

231021 Day 4 (7) 7pm-930pm Heart Sutra pg 84 – 94, Chanting

Is making aspiration or invoking power of merit a kind of craving?

Under what conditions might I receive blessings from Buddha or Bodhisattva?

If we have a positive final thought before we die, can it lead us to a good realm?

22 Oct  
231022 Day 5 (1) 615am-730am Important of the Bodhi mind & Heart Sutra pg 95 – 97

To speed up your cultivation, it is important to take the Bodhisattva vows

Don’t mislead others in matters of cultivation, as it may lead to karmic obstructions for you

The Lotus sutra can only be received by those who have the parami to cultivate the Bodhisattva way

In meditation how long does it take for your mind to settle down

Meditation is not about beautiful experiences but to gain wisdom and transformation

231022 Day 5 (2) 830am-9am Morning Chanting & Meditation
231022 Day 5 (3) 950am-12pm Further explanation and taking of the Bodhisattva vows & Heart Sutra pg 97-106 

Time will no longer be your concern when you walk the Bodhisattva way with understanding.

How to plant the Bodhi seed and walk the Bodhisattva way

What should one do after one has taken the Bodhisattva vows?

231022 Day 5 (4) 130pm – 2.45pm Meditation
231022 Day 5 (5) 3pm-6pm Heart Sutra pg  107 – 129, 4 Circles & Trinity

Determine to be aware

As if the veil of Ignorant has drop off, then the pure nature shine forth

The phenomenon world of consciousness is unreal and empty!

Understanding the Phenomena world of consciousness and the 4 stages of creation

231022 Day 5 (6) 7pm-950pm Heart Sutra pg  130 – 139, Chanting

Moving further into pure awareness (PA) cultivation.

23 Oct  
231023 Day 6 (1) 615am-730am Puja, Exercise, DynamicMeditation
231023 Day 6 (2) 830am-920am Morning Chanting & Meditation

Relax completely, like you’re lifeless, and center your awareness around your heart area

231023 Day 6 (3) 950am-12pm Heart Sutra pg  140 – 150 & Misccellaneous Vows

Loving yourself. Making of own additional miscellaneous vows

The benefits and purpose of Kalyanamitta Fund

Application of Dharma in daily live via making it a living Dharma

Everything is in a state of flux within the moment, so transient (现在心,过去心,未来心,皆不可得)

Knowledge bind (所知障). Fear, worry and anxiety are obstructions (烦恼障) to cultivation

True virtue requires wisdom. Highest wealth is contentment

Surangama Sutra and the 4 stages of creation

A condition-arising phenomena world of consciousness

231023 Day 6 (4) 130pm- 430pm Heart Sutra pg  150 – 169 & Acceptance

What is the 6th, 7th and 8th consciousness? How it delude us?

9 stages of cemetary decomposition. Nothing is permanent including your beauty, your youth

Understanding Acceptance

Meditation arises wisdom for right action via the Noble 8-Fold Path

Any sense experience, whether pleasant or unpleasant, is a prelude to suffering or dukkha

What is Vipassana? Is it a method or technique?

Without wisdom, you will not be able to accept the reality of separation

Fire Sermon – everything is burning……

Importance of knowing who you are and what you are

231023 Day 6 (5) 510pm – 6pm Heart Sutra pg  170-183

All Meditation must be done with understanding

231023 Day 6 (6) 7pm-9pm  Evening Chanting, Heart Sutra pg 184

When your awareness stablizes you will become very different and after that you will know how to die

Peception of form is consciousness, whereas its non-perception is wisdom

Gratitude will bring forth the understanding

When you understand the Dharma (law of karma & law of mind) you will transform

24 Oct  
231024 Day 7 (1) 615am – 730am Puja, Exercise & Brain Uses Senses Inefficiently

Aware at heart area so that you can be aware of life to develop wisdom and not knowledge

You may think you are aware but you are NOT!

231024 Day 7 (2) 830am-1030am Heart Sutra pg  184 – 197

Anything perceivable by the mind is a phenomenon. Mental, physical and nature’s phenomena.

How to have a successful marriage?

Develop inner awareness and stay at to the heart area to learn the Dharma

231024 Day 7 (3) 11am-12pm Heart Sutra pg 198 – 216
231024 Day 7 (4) 130pm-2pm 12 links & Heart Sutra pg 216 – 218

Paticca Samuppada (Dependent Origination / 12 links) is multidimensional

Mindfulness – Mind in fullness (Full of awareness. Not Full of thoughts!)

231024 Day 7 (5) 3pm – 6pm Heart Sutra pg 218 – 234 & J Krishnamurti Quote

Awareness is the Silent and Choiceless Observation of What is – J. Krishnamurti

The thought is reminding you to be aware. That is not genuine awareness

Seeing things as they are without interference from thought or memory

Listening attentively without thought

The space between thoughts

Training the heedless or mundane mind

The difference between heedful and heedless living

To have sincerity and acceptance are not easy. You need to have wisdom

231024 Day 7 (6) 7pm – 9pm Heart Sutra pg 245 – 247, Appendix 3 & Question & Answer

5 Spiritual Faculties & 3 phases of Dhamma Cultivation

Importance of Sati to walk the Path of Dhamma

Why I can’t silence my mind and thoughts keep arising

The Avijja Sutta (Ignorant & Enlightenment Sequence)

When you understand the differece between consciousness and awareness you will know how to meditate

Right duty is the right dharma

Anyone who can understand this quote, their minds will transform very fast

Paeon of Joy (Udana Gatha)

25 Oct  
231025 Day 8 (1) 615am – 7am 5 precepts, Morning Exercise & Meditation

Importance of mindfulness and the other spiritual faculties to develop understanding

231025 Day 8 (2) 9am – 12pm Clearning Duty annoucement & Difference between consciousness and awareness

what is the difference between the awareness and consciousness?

You maybe conscious of life but may not be aware while living life

No thought is still a thought

The difference between Mano, Citta and Vinnana

Your heedless mind need to be trained

231025 Day 8 (3) 1145am-12pm Sincere Faith Resonating with Great Being

How to draw or tap spiritual energy from Great Being’s nature?

231025 Day 8 (4) 2pm – 6pm Closing Ceremony, Question & Answer

How to continue your cultivation after you return from the retreat to daily life

Cultivate Sati through bowing to develop insight and awakening

231025 Day 8 (5) 7pm – 10pm  Kalyanamittas Sharing
26 Oct  
231026 Day 9 (1) 6.30am – 7.30am Kalyanamittas Sharing
Group Photo

End of Cameron Retreat

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