Cameron Highlands Retreats 2017 (11 – 19 March)

Heart Sutra (pdf)  Bodhisattva vow (pdf)  Retreat Chanting book (pdf) Cameron Retreat Outline (pdf)

 4 March Time Brief Outline Of Contents Photos
170304 9.30am Bro Teoh’s briefing on coming Cameron retreat (pdf download)


(Day 1)        11 March Time Brief Outline Of Contents Photos
170311 (1) 8.30am till 12pm Bro Teoh shared his email compilation book on ‘Understanding the Meditation as taught by the Buddha’ while on the bus journey to Cameron Highlands.
170311 (2)  12.30pm General briefing upon arrival at Temple
170311 (3) 2pm Opening Puja followed by Retreat Objectives
and sharing of the following essential dharma briefing by Bro. Teoh.
170311 (4) 3.30pm 5 Spiritual Faculties & 5 Mental Hindrances

170311 (4)
Law of Karma (Moral Cause & Effect)
Mind sweeping method + metta +Anapanasati
How to develop the 5 Spiritual Faculties
170311 (5) 7pm 3 Evil Roots of  Greed, Hatred and Delusion

170311 (5)
Cultivation of Noble 8-Fold Path (N8FP)
2 aspects of Form & Mind. Is Form & Mind real?
170311 (6) 8.00pm Evening Chanting
170311 (7) 8.30pm Heart Sutra Short notes page 1 – 3

170311 (7)
Chanting of Heart Sutra (Mandarin)
5 Aggregates of Form & Mind
Dependent Origination (12 Links)
True mind cultivation  (Triangle diagram on Pure Consciousness, Understanding and the Senses)
Sis Mindy’s question
(Day 2)      12 March Time Brief Outline Of Contents Photos
170312 (1) 6.15am Morning Puja
170312 (2) 7.30am Advice on how to maintain mindfulness while coming out of the formal Meditation
170312 (3) 8.30am Morning Chanting
170312 (4) 8.45am Importance of puja or devotional practices
Question on cultivation using Pure awareness.
Sister Huol Rung’s sharing
Bro Chia’s sharing
170312 (5) 11.19am Heart Sutra Short notes – page 3
Analogy of the Physics experiment diagram of how a light bulb can light up upon pressing the switch to understand mental consciousness.
Yoniso Manasikara (Wise attention)
Take care of  mind
Explaining awareness based meditation via the triangle diagram.
170312 (6) 1.30pm Heart Sutra Short notes page 4-6
5 Daily Contemplation as advice by Buddha.
Mundane/thinking Mind – the condition arising mind
170312 (7) 4.25pm What is the Meditation as taught by the Buddha – Refer to booklet (pdf download)
3 Turning of the 4 Noble Truth – Wisdom
Heart Sutra Short notes page 8-10
Bro. Chee Way’s Question
Primordial Mind – 1st thought of ignorance
170312 (8) 6.50pm Heart Sutra Short notes  page 11-16
Sarah Han’s sharing on her bowing experience.
Benefits of bowing
Pure land Chanting (ref to Appendix 3) page 144
170312 (9) 8.30pm Evening Chanting
170312 (10) 8.49pm Bro Chia’s sharing
Heart Sutra Short notes page 16-21
J Krishnamurti quote on ‘The observer is the observed’.

(Day 3)      13 March

Time Brief Outline Of Contents Photos
170313 (1) 6.15am Morning Puja
170313 (2) 6.25am 5 Daily Contemplations/Reflections
170313 (3) 6.40am Morning Mindfulness Exercise (Video enclosed)
170313 (4) 7.23am Questions & Answers
Sister Sandra’s sharing – Initially a lot of thoughts during meditation …….
6R’ – as introduced by Bhante Vimalaramsi is Good for beginners (to ref to page 34 of Heart Sutra Short notes for more detail.)
170313 (5) 8.45am Morning Chanting
5 Aggregates of Form and Mind
170313 (6) 9.15am Meditation Instructions
170313 (7) 10am Questions & Answers
Sister Gladys’ Meditation Reporting
Acceptance via right view & awareness (silent mind) to overcome the mental hindrances
Sister Chui Ai’s Meditation Reporting
170313 (8) 11am Heart Sutra Short notes page 22 – 28
Bro Teoh’s sharing about his Form 6 days
Factors that determine how we can walk the path effectively.
Wisdom is to be awakened to, cannot be learned.
Sister Soo Yee – Does experience help in cultivation?
Only wisdom or Understanding frees.
Sister Keat Hoon – Is anger human nature?
Problems of the present young generation
170313 (9) 1.30pm Heart Sutra Short notes page 28 – 35
5 ways to overcome unwholesome thoughts
Learn to see things as they are!
Phra Ajahn Yantra’s important advice page 33
170313 (10) 4.30pm Mindy’s question about states of mind and the
‘Gateway’ to our nature.
Heart Sutra short notes page 36 – 39
Consciousness is the greatest magician
3 types of Karmic Obstacles
Sis. Keat Hoon – How to overcome bad karma?
170313 (11) 6.40pm Evening Chanting
170313 (12) 7pm How to resolve primary retribution karma
Asking for forgiveness, Vow not to repeat, Invoke power of merits, Making aspirations.
170313 (13) 7.45pm Heart Sutra short notes page 39 – 45

170313 (13)
Dependent Origination (12 Links) refer to pages 42, 44 and 136
Siser Soo Yee’s – Question on Salayatana.
(Day 4)      14 March Time Brief Outline Of Contents Photos
170314 (1) 6.15am Morning Puja
170314 (2) 6.45am Briefing before meditation
170314 (3) 7.20am Briefing before Breakfast
Most people are Conscious of life but not living life because they are not mindful or aware within most of the time while ‘living’ life.
170314 (4) 8.40am Heart Sutra short notes page 45 (2.5)
Story of Phra Ajahn Yantra
Bro. Teoh’s  meditation sharing
170314 (5) 10.20am Sister Mimi’s sharing on Bodhisattva vows
Bro Teoh emphasises the importance of taking the Bodhisattva vows
Stages of Bodhi mind development
170314 (6) 1.30pm Heart Sutra short notes page 48

170314 (6)
Bro. Victor’s views on taking the Bodhisattva vows.
Bro. Teoh’s  clarification –  on the individuals’ choice  to take or not to take the  Bodhisattva vows. There is no compulsion.
Bro. Gerald’s sharing on the importance of taking these vows and walking the Path.
Heart Sutra short notes page 49 – 58
The dharma on the 8 worldly  conditions
Stories of Kisa Gotami and Angulimala
Have faith and never underestimate any individual’s potential
Understanding thought and consciousness – page 57
In the seeing there is only the seeing consciouness (no one to see)
170314 (7) 4pm Sister Soo Yee’s question on lying down meditation.
Things that are fit or unfit for attention.
Knowing & Seeing (please refer to transcript book)
What does it mean when someone says, `I can see my anger/ greed’?
Heart Sutra short notes page 58 – 62
Bro Teoh’s sharing of the Dharma at Cempaka Buddhist Lodge, Petaling Jaya.
Bro Teoh’s affinity with Ajahn Jagaro
170314 (8) 6.45pm Meditation instructions
170314 (9) 7.15pm Evening Chanting
170314 (10) 7.30pm Heart Sutra short notes  page 63 – 73
What is `Wise attention’?
Inside okay, outside no problem. Is this true?
Flow chart of 4 circles (Buddha Nature, Pure Awareness, Mundane mind and External Forms) page 64
Is there a “thinker” behind the thought? – J Krishnamurti
Cessation of mundane mind
(Day 5)      15 March Time Brief Outline Of Contents Photos
170315 (1) 6am Morning Puja
170315 (2) 6.30am Briefing on new programme schedule.               Re-emphasis on significance of Kuan Yin’s Birthday ceremony and the  Bodhisattva vows
Mindfulness exercise (Video enclosed)
170315 (3) 7.27am Short talk on how to prepare the mind for meditation before breakfast.
170315 (4) 8.30am Morning Chanting explanation
10 subjects for frequent recollection by one who has gone forth (chanting book page 28)
170315 (5) 9am Sister Sandra’s sharing on bowing
Bro Teoh’s advice on the importance of participating in Kalyanamitta fellowship
Heart Sutra short notes page 74
Past, Present, Future. Which is a reality?
Sis. Mindy’s question on form is emptiness, emptiness is form.
How praying to Kuan Yin can help us?
Bro. Chia’s question on cessation
How does one takes the Bodhisattva vows after Enlightenment?
Bro Teoh’s sharing on metta while in Australia.   3 ways to radiate metta
170315 (6) 10am The difference – cessation that happens via energy-field and  mindfulness-based meditation.
Bro Teoh’s sharing on how awakening to the 3 universal characteristics can arise.
Sis Keat Hoon’s sharing.
170315 (7) 11.30am Heart Sutra short notes – page 76 (3.1)
Sister Hoay Lin’s sharing
Tzu Chi’s ideal of training Bodhisattva in daily life.
Bro. Gerald’s sharing on Phor Tay/Bodhi school
Bro. Swee Aun’s sharing on Tzu Chi’s  daily channel (Da Ai Tai) on TV.
170315 (8) 1.30pm Briefing before meditation
170315 (9) 2.30pm Bro Jing Tai’s sharing on his calm meditation
Bro Victor’s question on his noting meditation leading to tiredness and heavy feeling at head area after all the noting.
Sis Adeline’s rather good sharing.
Sis Mimi’s sharing about Vairocana Buddha
Anattalakkhana Sutta (The discourse on the characteristic of non-self) explanation (ref chanting book page 43)
Adittapariyaya Sutta (The Fire Sermon) Chanting book page 49
Bro. Teoh’s Bangkok seminar paper on “Success in life via meditation following the dhamma way”
Sis. Keat Hoon’s sharing on how she can apply the dharma to her counselling job
Sis Gaik Choo’s question on “What is the difference between not-self and non-self”
170315 (10) 6.40pm Evening Chanting
170315 (11) 7.30pm Maha Mangala Sutta (Discourse on the highest blessings). Ref Chanting book page 54
Heart Sutra short notes page 78 – 80
Sis. Keat Hoon’s question, `Isn’t it human nature to feel  sad if somebody close to you pass away?’
Bro Teoh’s sharing about his father’s death
How did attachment arise in life?
What happens if one has strong attachment?
Bro Teoh’s sharing about his mother’s death
170315 (12) 9.25pm Karaniya Metta Sutta (Discourse on loving-kindness). Refer Chanting book page 52
(Day 6)      16 March Time Brief Outline Of Contents Photos
170316 (1) 6am Significance of Kuan Yin’s birthday and the taking of  the Bodhisattva vows
170316 (2) 6.25am Morning Puja
170316 (3) 7am Short briefing before taking  of the Bodhisattva vows
170316 (4) 8.30am Chanting on Quan Yin’s birthday:
The Great Compassionate Mantra
Heart Sutra Chanting
Mahakaruna Dharani Sutta
Taking of Bodhisattva vows ceremony and explanation
5 stages of Bodhi Mind Development
170316 (5) 11.20am Sister Gladys’ meditation report
Bro Teoh’s guidance – to practitioners who can detect their own heart beat via their more refined natural awareness.
Sister Sandra’s meditation report
Heart Sutra short notes page 80 (3.1) – 82
170316 (6) 1.30pm Sister Keat Hoon’s meditation report
Bro. Teoh’s advice on how a wife can skilfully bring her husband to dharma
Bro. Teoh’s advice on how to help people in need.
Bro. Chong Lim’s message from Vairochana Buddha’s nature for Bro. Chin How
3 types of craving
Bro. Teoh’s question `Is ambition craving?’
Sis. Keat Hoon’s question on sensual craving
Heart Sutra short notes page 82 (1.2) – 85
Bro. Teoh’s advice to sister Keat Hoon regarding students’ problems
Bro Chia’s sharing about his wife, Sis Sandra’s progress
170316 (7) 4.30pm Heart Sutra short notes page 85 – 87
Bro. Teoh’s advice on the effectiveness of bowing to develop both the faith and mindfulness needed for cultivation.
Bro Teoh’s elaboration on the ‘Gateway ‘
Can one’s mindfulness be aware of ones own snoring?
Bro Teoh’s advice on health.
170316 (8) 6.40pm Evening Chanting
170316 (9) 6.50pm Heart Sutra short notes page 87
Why should we listen from our heart?
Listening from the head is hell. Why?
Sis. Hoay Lin’s meditation report
Why dreams happen?
Mind to mind transmission
Tao’s  Yin & Yang symbol or logo.
What does Bro. Teoh mean by ‘The Source’?
Sis. Poh Lian’s sharing about her crying and past karmic obstructions
Bro Chia’s sharing about his experience during Quan Yin chanting
Advice from Bro. Teoh on how to teach the next generation
Mrs Ho’s sharing about her experience after taking the Bodhisattva vow
Bro. Jing Tai’s meditation report
Sis Padmisuri’s sharing about her son, Jing Tai
Bro Teoh’s explanation on Bro Chong Lim’s fast progress due to his past cultivation.
Sister Sandra’s sharing about how her cultivation could progress so fast.
Bro. Teoh’s sharing about his encounters with Quan Yin’s nature.
170316 (10) 9.17pm Quan Yin Chanting:
Karaniya Metta Sutta (Discourse on loving-kindness) page 52
Mahakaruna Dharani Sutta page 60
Om Mani Padme Hum Chanting
(Day 7)       17 March Time Brief Outline Of Contents Photos
170317 (1) 6am Morning Puja
170317 (2) 7am Meditation Instruction
170317 (3) 7.25am Sister Mindy’s sharing
Heart Sutra short notes page 88 (3.1)
Listen from the heart
170317 (4) 8.45am Heart Sutra short notes page 88
Listening from the head
Sharing from the transcript book “The Essential Dharma of Lord Buddha”
170317 (5) 10.20am Heart Sutra short notes page 88
The importance of asking questions to arise the causes and conditions for the dharma to flow.
Bro. Teoh’s  explanation on the cultivation from the heart (mind to mind seal) after Bro. Chee Way’s sharing
Mind in full awarness is mindfulness
Bro. Teoh’s sharing on `Perception of form is consciousness whereas its non-perception is wisdom’
Explanation on Gateway – page 90
170317 (6) 1.57pm Heart Sutra short notes page 92
Why thought-based meditation cannot lead to awakening?
Bro Teoh’s sharing on Citta, Mano and Vinanam
How tampering with the nerve centers (chakras) via thought based energy-field can lead to  yin yang imbalance and other problems.
When can you inherit from the spiritual nature?
3 types of bodies.
Bro Teoh’s sharing on his karmic experiences that happened during his childhood.

170317 (6)-2
Refer to the transcript book  – “Who are you and what are you?” to know more about your nature
The 4 Noble Truths cover both the mundane and supra-mundane.
What is the purpose of life and how do you plan your life?
170317 (7) 4.54pm Pureland Chanting

Bro. Chin How’s question about Sis Poh Lian’s crying experience when the Maha Karuna Dharani was chanted.
Sister Mindy’s question about `Seeing consciousness’
Sis. Eng Bee’s question about the vibration all around her.

Her 2nd sharing on her long-awaited guidance from Vairochana Buddha’s nature.
Her 3rd sharing on her experience regarding Right Speech
170317 (8) 7.05pm Heart Sutra short notes page 97 – 118
The 7 factors of Enlightenment will appear when one’s meditation is on the right path
People playing with energy-field meditation will encounter serious problems.
Sister Sarah Han’s meditation report
170317 (9) 9.10pm Evening Chanting
Supreme Praise of the Buddha/ Dhamma/ Sangha
Recollection of the Buddha/ Dhamma/ Sangha
170317 (10) 9.40pm Mahakaruna Dharani Sutta
Om Mani Padme Hum chanting
(Day 8)      18 March Time Brief Outline Of Contents Photos
170318 (1) 6am Morning Puja
170318 (2) 7.24am Sister Sandra’s question on meditation
Thoughts may naturally arise even when you are in Sati.  The key is ‘not to stir‘ – to maintain the silence so as that it can be aware of all the arising and passing away of phenomena.
170318 (3) 8.45am Understanding Pu Hsien (Samantabhadra) Bodhisattva’s unique vows to create affinity with his nature.
Heart Sutra short notes page 119 – 131
3 types of peace ( Kaya Viveka, Citta Viveka & Upadhi Viveka)
Bro Teoh’s advice – ‘Do not be a good hearted fool’
3 types of seeing (Mundane Seeing, Direct Seeing & Suchness Seeing)
The difference between form Dharma & mind Dharma
The higher the consciousness, the more clarity one will have.
Watch out for the arising of self-conceit
170318 (4) 11.32am Heart Sutra short notes page 132 – 134
170318 (5) 1.30pm Briefing on closing ceremony (Part 1)
The wholesomeness of partaking in the dana offered during this retreat.
Heart Sutra short notes page 135 – 139
How can a person take births in 4 woeful realms?
The importance of taking care of our karma
The Arahant has no ignorance but still has outflow of thoughts.
Never look down on any person because you never know their nature.
Right Living (Right Livelihood) is very important in life.
170318 (6) 3pm Kalyanamittas who shared their retreat experiences
Sis Kean Hoon, Sis Hoay Lin, Sis Sarah, Bro Chee Way, Sis Gladys, Sis Mindy, Mrs Ho, Sis Elsie, Bro Ng, Bro Chong Lim, Sis Mimi, Sis Joyce
170318 (7) 6.40pm Evening Chanting
170318 (8) 7pm Bro Swee Aun presented the retreat account Retreat Account
170318 (9) 7.45pm Heart Sutra short notes page 139
Meditation is not about right or wrong
Key notes about meditation
Must read Appendix 3 page 144 (Audio mp3)
How to continue one’s cultivation after the retreat
Sis Alicia’s sharing
Sis Sandra’s sharing
Bro Teoh’s advice on how to walk the Bodhisattva way life after life
170318 (10) 9.15pm Adittapariyaya Sutta (The Fire Sermon) Chanting
Transfer of Merit
Asking for forgiveness
(Day 9)        19 March Time Brief Outline Of Contents Location
170319Teoh 2pm Managing Relationships with People  Mangala Lodge