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Cameron Retreat 27 August – 4 September 2022

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27 Aug
220827 Day 1 (1) Retreat introduction – Main Purposes and intent (Full Video)

Essence of the Buddha’s Teaching – 4 Noble Truths (3 Turnings)

Just do, don’t try to know, stabilise awareness nature. Wisdom is via awakening in the silent mind

220827 Day 1 (2)   Retreat introduction – Main Purposes and intent (Full Video)

Awareness based Meditation Guidelines

4 Supports for Awareness based Meditation

Pristine Beauty & Wonders of Life

28 Aug
220828 Day 2 (1) Day 2 Morning Meditation Guidelines
220828 Day 2 (2) Heart Sutra pg 1 – 14 (Full Video)

How to maintain mindfulness after you come out from your meditation

Form is emptiness, emptiness is form 色不异空, 空不异色, 色即是空, 空即是色.

2 aspects of the 5 Aggregates of Form and Mind

Five daily reflections or contemplations

How to have positive relationships with family members

Craving is the cause of suffering. Craving is Attachment = Grasping, clinging via delusion

What is the deep meaning of Dukkha?

Perception of form is consciousness whereas its non-perception is wisdom

How to maintain mindfulness after you come out from your meditation

220828 Day 2 (3) Heart Sutra pg 14 – 22 (Full Video)

Unlike Karma, you cannot inherit your spiritual nature until you are connected

Don’t go for tainted merits. Without wisdom suffering will continue.

Sixth Patriarch (Hui Neng) 六祖慧能 vs Venerable ShenXiu 神秀 way of cultivation

Make the aspiration now! Plant the seed of Bodhi. Your future life will be taken care of.

A short summary of 3 turnings of the 4 Noble Truths

220828 Day 2 (4) Heart Sutra pg 23 – 35 (Full Video)

How are clinging, grasping & attachment different and how do they relate to the 12 links

Only wisdom developed via daily mindfulness can understand why Form is external manifestation of mind

Importance to cultivate stable Sati or mindfulness leading to Heedfulness throughout the day

Constantly develop the bowing with awareness and patience, it will benefit you tremendously

220828 Day 2 (5) Heart Sutra pg 36 – 46 (Full Video)

Why a person like Angulimala killed 999 yet still can become Arahant

How to overcome leg pain during meditation

Cultivate Metta Bhavana to counter negative emotion – the 1st way

3rd and 4th ways to overcome negative unwholesome thoughts

What are you doing in the name of Meditation?

The danger of not comprehending what sakkāyadiṭṭhi or self-delusion is!

29 Aug
220829 Day 3 (1) 7am Day 3 Morning Meditation Guidelines
220829 Day 3 (2) 8.30am – 11am Unique Dharma Quotes pg 1 – 40 (Full Video)

How could faith drive us in cultivation

What does it mean to “just let things be”

Understanding Spacious Awareness AND thought

220829 Day 3 (3) 1.30pm – 3pm Heart Sutra pg 46 – 59 (Full Video)

Is Mahayana teaching authentic as it is not recorded in Theravada script?

Only mindfulness and constant contemplations can open your inner dharma door. Seeing beyond form

How karma control you

Learn to live life and not to worry about life!

Pure merits are borne of pure action that is free of all evil roots of Greed, Hatred and Delusion

3 types of karmic obstructions

220829 Day 3 (4) 4pm – 5.15pm Heart Sutra pg 59 – 72 (Full Video)

Dhamma is not knowledge. Importance of 2nd turning contemplative wisdom is beautiful.

Sainthood way vs the Boddhisatta way. Handful of leaves question….

This is my way of cultivation – a must listen sharing, very unique and most beautiful.

How do I cultivate Noble Eightfold Path and live life?

220829 Day 3 (5) 6.40pm – 9.15pm Heart Sutra pg 73 – 85 (Full Video)

Why mundane mind and our senses are so easily affected by the external environment?

What is a problem? When you perceive a situation with negativity

How to use thought, and yet not be deluded by it?

Skillful way to develop mindfulness meditation

Different phases of Metta cultivation

30 Aug
220830 Day 4 (1) 6.15am – 7.20am Day 4 Morning Meditation Guidelines
220830 Day 4 (2) 8.30am – 12.15pm The Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta Chanting (The discourse on setting in motion the wheel of dhamma – First Sermon)

Heart Sutra pg 85 – 106 (Full Video)

Mental hindrances of sensual desire and ill-will (your likes & dislikes n pleasant & unpleasant reaction of mind)

Do you know what is Form Dharma and Mind Dharma?

The 6 sense bases activities are natural processes and they are all dependent origination.

Our education system do not train us to understand spiritual teachings needed to solve our life problem

What is psychological and mechanical memory?

To overcome sloth and torpor in meditation by relaxing into every mind state that arise

220830 Day 4 (3) 1.30pm – 3pm Heart Sutra pg 107 – 117 (Full Video)

Unless there is conditions, let things be

Train the mind to enter sati, for it to be aware of all actions & movements arising in every moment

220830 Day 4 (4) 3.48pm – 5pm Heart Sutra pg 117 – 129 (Full Video)

Silent the mind to detect the gateway via trust to do on its own

220830 Day 4 (5) 7pm – 10.30pm Heart Sutra pg 130 – 139 (Full Video)

Stages of breathing in meditation

Pure feeling can occur only if you have the wisdom if not it will go directly to craving or aversion

Only Wisdom Frees!

How to transcend duality

Listen from the heart. Mind to mind transmission

When your mind enter Sati your body and mind will know

31 Aug
220831 Day 5 (1) 6am – 7.15am Karmic Obstructions Cultivating the Bodhisattva way pg 87-89, 96-98, 103

Taking of the Bodhisattva Vows & Asking for Forgiveness to Break All Karmic Obstruction (Full Video)

220831 Day 5 (2) 8.30am – 11.50am Heart Sutra pg139 – 150 (Full Video)

Is there a thinker behind a thought? Is there an observer and the observed?

Direct seeing experience 

Law of kamma – you reap what you sow.

Understand Mano, Citta & Vinnana

220831 Day 5 (3) 1.30pm – 1.45pm Meditation
220831 Day 5 (4) 3pm – 5pm Heart Sutra pg150 – 169 (Full Video)

8 type of consciousness

220831 Day 5 (5) 6.40pm – 9.40pm Heart Sutra pg169 – 199 (Full Video)

Essence Of Buddha’s teachings mundane & supramundane

3 levels of seeing

Why this thought, not other thoughts?

5th daily contemplation about kamma

Importance of having no negativity + Analogy of direct seeing

1 Sep
220901 Day 6 (1) 6.30am – 7.20am Day 6 Morning Meditation Guidelines
220901 Day 6 (2) 8.30am – 9.45am Reflection of Anattalakkhana Sutta (The Discourse on the Characteristic of Nonself) Full Video

Non-self and empty nature (or unreality) of existence and life

220901 Day 6 (3) 10.30am – 11.45am Heart Sutra pg200 – 204 (Full Video)

Thought is response to Memory

Moment to moment spontaneous dependent origination versus over 3-life span

Can Paticca samuppada stop at any link point at the moment of sense experience?

220901 Day 6 (4) 1.30pm – 2.30pm Heart Sutra pg204 – 218 (Full Video)

What is meditation? Who is doing the meditation? What is the “I and me”?

Noble Eight Fold Path is the quality of the noble ones, Ariya

220901 Day 6 (5) 3.45pm – 5.15pm Heart Sutra pg218 – 233

Acting according to memory is not acting at all

220901 Day 6 (6) 6.40pm – 9pm Heart Sutra pg233 – 237 (Full Video)

Thought-based meditation’s knowledge cannot solve real life problems

Why thought fears of the unknown? 

2 Sep
220902 Day 7 (1) 6am – 7.20am Morning Mindfulness Exercises
220902 Day 7 (2) 8.30am – 9.30am Morning Chanting & Reflection on Mangala Sutta (Full Video)

What are the highest blessings?

220902 Day 7 (3) 9.30am – 9.33am Day 7 Morning Meditation Guidelines

For those haven’t stabilise Sati / Mindfulness, you need to ….

220902 Day 7 (4) 10.15am – 12pm Sharing Dhamma Cultivation Journey (Full Video)

In forgiving others, you are freeing yourself from suffering

If you are too complicated you can’t learn the true Dharma

Experiencing mindfulness for the first time

Constant Rejoicing (Sadhu) is a virtuous action that can help you ‘open’ your heart

To progress to change you can’t believe in your thought and give justification

220902 Day 7 (5) 1.40pm – 2.40pm Heart Sutra pg238 – 240 (Full Video)

Be natural and maintain relaxation of form and mind all time. Always be at ease.

Jhana meditation can’t free your mental hindrance it only suppress it.

Hungry Ghosts realm & July month

220902 Day 7 (6) 3.40pm – 5.15pm Tirokudda Sutta Chanting & Reflection (Full Video)
Cameron Sam Poh Temple Misty View
220902 Day 7 (7) 6.40pm – 9.45pm Heart Sutra pg243 Appendix 6A Trinity to Understand Cultivation (Full Video)

How not to forget where you place your things or your purse, etc

Without Faith you can’t progress or move forward in your cultivation

Appendix 6A – The Trinity triangle to help understand Cultivation

Comparison or measurement arise when one lacks of contentment

3 Sep
220903 Day 8 (1) 6am – 9.15am Day 8 Morning Meditation Guidelines
220903 Day 8 (2) 8.30am – 9.15am Heart Sutra pg243 – 249 (Full Video)
220903 Day 8 (3) 10.15am – 11.45am Heart Sutra pg250 – 254 (Full Video)

The surface mind has to be quiet before you can go into the subconscious & the unconscious

How to deal with the noise when you are meditating or sleeping? Trained mind & Untrained mind.

Can we choose which family to be born into and when to be born? Only great beings can.

Appendix 7 – The House Builder (DHAMMAPADA 153 – 154)

4 types of happiness

Strive on with Heedfulness! So have to develop Heedfulness first!

Bodhisattava, rebirth with pure thought and pure vows

220903 Day 8 (4) 2pm – 2.45pm Closing and Offerring to Sam Poh Temple Ceremony (Full Video)

The main purpose of the cultivation is …

220903 Day 8 (5) 3.30pm – 4pm Unique Dharma Quotes pg 41 – 72

What is Memory?

To develop wisdom you need to meditate with True Mind to Awaken

220903 Day 8 (6) 4pm – 5.20pm Personal Cultivation Sharing (Full Video)

by Sis Mun Yuen, Bro Tune, Bro Kok Loon, Bro Chin How, Sis Poh Lian

Lying down meditation. Karmic…., understanding sensation, craving…

220903 Day 8 (7) 6.40pm – 9.30pm Personal Cultivation Sharing (Full Video)

by Sis Soo Yee, Bro Song, Sis Poh Lian, Sis Alicia, Bro Jayanta, Sis Elsie, Sis PG, Sis Padmasuri, Sis Yoon Chun

How to relax if I cant do it in the meditation

How to deal with unpleasant sound during meditation?

Explanation on how to utilize website and Bro Teoh YouTube channe

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End of Cameron Retreat

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