Cameron Highlands Retreats 2019 (15 – 23 March)

Retreat study notes  :

Cameron Meditation Retreat 2019 timetable

Cameron Retreat 15 – 23 March 2019

Audio mp3 Date / Time Outlines Video Photos
190216 9.30am Briefing by Bro Teoh’s  on Cameron retreat
190315(1) 2.30pm Official opening / programme briefing
Essential dharma explanation
Importance of religious routine MVI_0031
What is meditation?
Bro Teoh shared how he agreed to come out to share the dharma in the year 2004 MVI_0034
Richard’s question on meditation technique
Bro Teoh commented on current education system
190315(2) 6.45pm How to do walking, bowing meditation?
The 4 foundation of mindfulness
Understanding Avijja Sutta
190315(3) 7.19pm Meditation
190315(4) 7.45pm Evening chanting
Explanation of the chanting
Heart Sutra – introduction (pgi – pg3)
BroTeohwebsite introduction
190316 (1) 6am Introduction to the book: Understanding the Heart and the Mind
Morning Chanting
Morning Exercise & mindfulness training
190316 (2) 7am Guided meditation
190316 (3) 8.30am Chanting book
page 21. Reflection on sharing merits + explanation on the purpose of chanting
pg22. Reflection on universal well-being (related to kamma)
Bro Gan’s Question  ” When no one is meditating, is there meditation?”
pg 42. Anattalakkhana sutta (background and recitation)
Explanation on sati
Q and A from Sis. Keat Hoon – How to handle difficult person and situation?
Meditation and initial guide (relax + silent)
Heart Sutra Chapter 2 page 4
Explanation on duality What is Duality?
190316 (4) 1.30pm Heart sutra page 11 (Emptiness)
4pm Taking of 5 and 8 precepts MVI_0037
Showing how bowing meditation is to be done VID_20190316_161924
Pure land + Nibbana Heart Sutta page 144 (Appendix 3)
1190316 (5) 6.30pm Evening Chanting
190316 (7) 6.45pm Heart sutra page 19 chapter 5  
190317 (1) 1.30pm Guided meditation
Kok Loon reports his meditation
190317 (2) 8.30am Taking of 5 and 8 precepts
Explanation on Mangala sutta
10 steps of Avijja Sutta
190317 (3) 10.30am Heart Sutra page 23
Angulimala sutta
J. Krishnamurti quote : Whenever there is choice, there is confusion
5 ways to overcome unwholesome thoughts
page 29 very good
190317 (4) 1.30pm Understanding the heart and the mind page 3 to 7
Heart Sutra page 30 to 35
(page 33 1.3 important)
190317 (5) 4pm Heart Sutra page 36 to 41 MVI_0038
37 factors of enlightenment
3 types of bodies of enlightened beings Video
PG’s sharing on kamma
Keat Hoon’s sharing on her intention via her career to benefit all beings
190317 (6) 6.45pm Evening Chanting
Heart Sutra page 42 to 57 1.2
Gerald asked about difference between habitual tendency & sub-conscious
190318 (1) 6.15am Q&A after meditation :
Awareness is before the knowing
Spacious awareness
190318 (2) 8.30am Heart Sutra page 57
1.3 & 2.1 important The Difference between Form & Mind Dharma
190318 (3) 10.30am Heart Sutra page 58 continue 2.1 to page 61 2.2
Q&A: Chanting only can lead to enlightenment? refer again to appendix 144
190318 (4) 1.30pm Heart Sutra page 61 to 68
Important page 61 3.1
190318 (5) 4.30pm Heart Sutra page 69 to 75
190318 (6) 6.30pm Evening Chanting
190318 (7) 6.55pm 7 stages of purification
Heart Sutra page 75 to 80
Karaniya metta sutta chanting and explanation
190319 (1) 6.15am Group Meditation
Morning Chanting
190319 (2) 8.30am Beginning of morning Puja to get ready for Bodhisatta vow
Cultivating the Bodhisattva Way (pg 10-17, A2)
Bro Teoh continue with pg 47-51, B6 on Cultivating/Walking the Bodhisattva Way
Taking the Bodhisattva Vows
Bro Teoh rejoiced with us for taking the Bodhisattva Vows; elaborate about the Vows
190319 (3) 10.30am Bro Teoh asked Kok Loon, Tammy; Yoon Chun to have a short sharing of their experience in this retreat as they would be leaving after lunch
Heart Sutra Pg 80 Part 3 on meditation

Chanting Khamapana pg 16 of chanting book

190319 (4) 1.30pm Continue Heart Sutra pg 87- 98 on The analogy of swimming with regards to meditation. As meditation is already our natural state of mind
190319 (5) 4.30pm meditation session
Heart Sutra pg 99 on the Surangama Sutta. 5 aggregates, last thought moments before death, death consciousness, rebirth consciousness
190319 (6) 6.30pm Evening puja
190319 (7) 6.55pm Bro Teoh elaborated on karmic nature & Bodhisattva vows. 4 bases/ accomplishment of success -Chanda -passion, viriya-zeal, citta-will & vimansa- investigate & improve
Meditation session
Heart Sutra (pg 103 – 105) – 5 spiritual faculties & 5 hindrances. How to develop wisdom? Strive on with heedfulness Why Can’t I Meditate
Sessions ended with singing of Da Bei Zhou (大悲咒), Bo re bo luo mi duo xin jing ( 般若波罗蜜多心经 Heart Sutra )  & Mahakaruna Dharani Sutta
190320 (1) 6.15am Group Meditation
Morning Chanting
Mindfulness exercise
190320 (2) 8.30am Morning chanting & Reflections
Understanding the heart and the mind -pg 14 – 18, 3.3.3 & 3.3.4
The Mind- Accumulation is attachment
Highly recommended by Bro Teoh to read and digest this sharing and use it as a living dharma
190320 (3) 9.10am Meditation Time
Bro Teoh shared a video about Jay Shetty. He shared that our Mind is like a garden. Hence grow the beautiful “seeds.” What are the seeds 1) gratitude 2) love & compassion 3) respect 4) kindness 5) generosity 6) contentment 7) joy via rejoicing & meditation. The importance of taking care of karma. Your Mind is like a Garden 

Reference video  Ellen Meets Motivational Speaker Jay Shetty

Heart Sutra Lesson 32, Pg 106 – 18 sense realms, pg 107- fire sermon; pg 110 – 2 parts of meditation.
190320 (4) 1.30pm Continue Heart Sutra pg 111- 114 – Rare is birth as a human being.

190320 (5) 3.30pm Heart Sutra pg 115.
What is Heedfulness? What is the difference between heedfulness, mindfulness, awareness?
Mrs Teoh shared about her meditation – learn to listen with your heart, is being ONE with everything
Pg 116, no 1.4 – How to overcome Anger? Pg 118.
190320 (6) 6.40pm Bro Teoh made announcement for the next few days.
Heart Sutra pg 119 – Heedfulness. To be mindful is to be aware.
Difficult people are your best teachers. Life itself is your best teacher.
Special appreciation to Deng Xiong Sifu.
Bro Teoh shared a poem by Ajahn Yantra
Heart Sutra pg120-127
5 Daily contemplations, what is meditation as taught by the Buddha
Sharing by Mrs Ho about her meditation.
Sessions ended with singing of Da Bei Zhou, Bo re bo luo mi duo xin jing & Om mani padme om
190321 (1) 7:00am Renewal of precepts
Video 7:30am Vincent Morning exercise
190321 (2) 8:30am Morning chanting
Understanding the heart and the mind : 2 Types of mind (pg19-27)
Feng Shui & Karma Video
Sis Adeline’s sharing about importance of heedfulness
Sis Adeline’s sharing about sakayaditthi/ego
Sis Keat Hoon’s question about auspicious days
group photo
190321 (3) 11:30am Heart sutra (pg128) – sharing about form Dhamma
190321 (4) 1:30pm Heart sutra (continue from pg128-130) – sharing about mind Dhamma
Clarification on mundane seeing, direct seeing, and suchness seeing Video
Heart sutra (pg131-134)
190321 (5) 3:30pm Advice on how to continue the cultivation after returning to normal daily life
Space between thought
Sharing by Sis Li Hoon and Bro Danny
190321 (6) 6:40pm Evening chanting
Sharing by Bro Richard, Bro Chin Giap, Sis Lay Hong, Bro Song
Sessions ended with singing of Da Bei Zhou, Bo re bo luo mi duo xin jing
190322 (1) 6:30am Revert from 8 to 5 precepts
Vincent Morning exercise Lymphatic & Qi Breathing Exercises
190322 (2) 8:40am Heart sutra (pg135)
Bro Richard’s sharing
Sumangala Sutta Chanting and asking for forgiveness
Sharing by Sis Eng Bee, Bro Joseph, Sis Soo Yee, Sis Karen, Bro Tune
Energy in relation to space between thought
Continue sharing by Bro Tune, Sis Padmasuri, Sis PG, Sis Christy, Bro Chin How, Sis Qinni, Sis Winnie
190322 (3) 01:30pm Heart sutra (continue from pg135-141)
Audience with Fa Zhan Shi Fu and asking for forgiveness
Sumangala Sutta Chanting and asking for forgiveness
pg222 (daily Buddhist devotion by KSri Dhammananda) saranata mupemi chanting
Sharing by Sis Keat Hoon
Contemplate meaning of  taking full and secured refuge in the triple gem
Reflection on last sentence of Bodhisattva vow
Sharing by Bro Vincent part 3, Sis Anna, Sis Poh Lian, Bro Swee Aun
Masterchef  cooking class analogy
Sharing by Bro Swee Aun part 2
190322 (4) 8:40pm Test of daily mindfulness
End of Cameron Retreat