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Bodhisattva Vows
Klang Ti-Ratana Buddhist Society NBC
Subang Jaya Buddhist Association (SJBA) Talks
House Dana
Retreat Talks
Spiritual Trip

Bodhisattva Vows

Teoh 160928 Taking Bodhisattva Vows Ceremony
Teoh 160426 Bodhisattva Vows Explanation
Teoh 160419 Bodhisattva Vows Explanation
Teoh 160322 Bodhisattva way short explanation after Tue class
Teoh 150102 Bodhisattva way

Klang Ti-Ratana Buddhist Society NBC

Teoh Klang 20171110 Understanding the importance of How to let go the mind by not focusing on anything in cultivation
Teoh Klang 170908 how to cultivate the 37 factors of enlightenment moment to moment cultivation
  Teoh Klang 170811 Understanding the importance of Eight Noble Path Factors as integral parts of enlightenment
  Teoh Klang 170714 Understanding the importance of the 7 factors of enlightenment as an integral part of Enlightenment
Teoh Klang 170623 Understanding the importance of 4 Means of Accomplishment Iddhipada and 5 Spiritual Faculties as integral parts of Enlightenment
Teoh Klang 170414 Importance of 4 Supreme Right Effort Cultivation As an Integral part of Enlightenment
  Teoh Klang 170224 Understanding Satipatthana
  Teoh Klang 170113 Understanding the meaning and Importance of Enlightenment in the Samsaric Journey
Teoh Klang 161209 Understanding the importance of vow and its effect in one’s cultivation
 Teoh Klang 161111 Important of Sati & Samada in developing the Vipasana Meditation in Cultivation
Teoh Klang 160916 Understanding the importance of Sati & Satipattana Sutta in Cultivation
  Teoh Klang 160826 Understanding the importance of keeping the precepts and giving dana in cultivation
Teoh Klang 160722 Understanding the importance of invoking the power of truth in cultivation
Teoh Klang 160610 Understanding the Importance of Letting Go in Cultivation
Teoh Klang 160422 Understanding the 3 Universal Characteristics & its Important in Cultivation
Teoh Klang 160226 Understand the Samsara & the important of mindfulness to cross over the other shore
Teoh Klang 160108 The Art & Science in Meditation
Teoh Klang 151127 Understanding Awareness In Every Breath we take, Every Thought we create & Every Move we make in Cultivation  (pdf download)
Teoh Klang 151023 4 Questions (1 Bbodhi heart, 2 Important of Repentant, 3 Kalyanamittaship, 4 Seeing things as they are)
Teoh Klang 150828 Understanding the urgency of cultivation
Teoh Klang 150724 How To Be A True Buddhist Devotee
Teoh Klang 150612 Understanding Meditation Q & A
Teoh Klang 150410 Satipatthana Sutta part 1
Teoh Klang 150327 Understanding the purpose of attending meditation retreat
Teoh Klang 150213 Spiritual cultivation n new year aspiration
Teoh Klang 150109 Moment to Moment
Teoh Klang 141128 Knowing & Seeing (pdf download)
Teoh Klang 141003 Emptiness  (pdf download)
Teoh Klang 140815 Is Pure land chanting a form of meditation
Teoh Klang 140718 Further elaborate between Samatha & Vipassana meditation
Teoh Klang 140620 Understanding the important of Sati when walking the path of dhamma
Teoh Klang 140425 Samatha Vipassana (pdf download)
Teoh Klang 170224 Understanding Satipatthana
  Teoh klang 140926 What is Reality

Subang Jaya Buddhist Association (SJBA) Talks

Teoh SJBA 151129 Essence of the Buddha’s Teaching
Teoh SJBA 150628 Importance & Great Benefits of Cultivating the Buddha Dhamma
Teoh SJBA 150215 Celebrating CNY the Dhamma Way
Teoh SJBA 150118 Understanding Life
Teoh SJBA 141123 The Benefits of cultivating the Buddha Dhamma
Teoh SJBA 141123 Benefits of Cultivating Buddha Dhamma
Teoh SJBA 130623 Importance of Mindfulness Heedfulness to cope with Life’s problems
Teoh SJBA 120930 Understanding Life – its meaning and purpose
Teoh SJBA 120708 Benefits of Cultivating the Buddha Dhamma
Teoh SJBA 120617 Importance of Buddhist Devotional Practices
Teoh SJBA 120429 The 5 Hindrances & 5 Spiritual Faculties
Teoh SJBA 120429 Dhamma in helping Kitchen works
Teoh SJBA 120205 Dana Sila Bhavana
Teoh SJBA 120108 CNY message 2012
Teoh SJBA 110925 True understanding of 5 Precepts & the 3 evil roots of Greed, Hatred & Delusion
Teoh SJBA 110814 SJBA Sunday School Teachers
Teoh SJBA 110731 Harmony and Friendliness via understanding the Buddha Dhamma
Teoh SJBA 110717 SJBA Sunday School Teachers
Teoh SJBA 110626 Kalyanamita  (pdf download)
Teoh SJBA 110424a Towards a friendly, loving and caring dhamma centre Buddhist community
Teoh SJBA 110424b Promoting friendliness, love and well-being, the Buddhist way
Teoh SJBA 110227 Importance of Virtues and Goodness of the Heart to be a Friendly and Caring Budddhist
Teoh 110626 Kalyanamita Part 1 of 2
Teoh 110626 Kalyanamita Part 2 of 2
Teoh SJBA 061111 – What is Meditation as taught by Buddha

House Dana

Teoh 180722 Christina House Dana      (Outline pdf)
Teoh 180429 Huol Rung House Dana     (Outline pdf)
 Teoh 180204 Alicia Freddy House Dana
Teoh 180101 House Dana Mei Hsiang Wai Hong Quini
Teoh 171119 WPCS House Dana
Teoh 170820 Chin How House Dana

Pls refer to 36th Lesson of the Sixth Patriarch’s Platform Sutra pdf Pg 1 – 37 or mp3

Teoh 170716 Nancy & Seah House Dana 

Pls refer to Cultivating the Bodhisattva way

Teoh 170618 Christina House Dana

How to have good communication & harmony relationship among all, without hatred, jealousy, gossiping & wrong view towards others

Teoh 170528 Elsie House Dana
Teoh 170416 ChinGiap House Dana
Teoh 170205 Joyce & Clifford Evening Sharing
Teoh 170205 Padmasuri & Tune House Dana
Teoh 161204 Alicia & Freddy House Dana
Teoh 160925 Chin How House Dana
Teoh 160731 Wai Hong & Mei House Dana
Teoh 160604 Eng Lian House Dana
Teoh 160501 Elsie House Dana
Teoh 160221 Stephanie House Dana
Teoh 160101 Susan House dana
Teoh 2015 Dec Stephanie House Dana
Teoh 151110 Joyce & Clifford House Dana
Teoh 150816 Michael & Szetho House Dana
Teoh 150717 Yoon Chun House Dana
Teoh 150620 Seah House Dana – The Essential Dhamma of Lord Buddha (pdf download)
Teoh 150301 Padmasuri & Tune House Dana
Teoh 150114 Christina House Dana
Teoh 140928 Christina House Dana

Cameron Highlands Retreats

Cameron Highlands Retreats 2018 (16 – 24 March)

Cameron Highlands Retreats 2017 (11 – 19 March)

Cameron Highlands Retreats 2016 ( 3 – 20 March)

Cameron Highlands Retreats 2015 ( 14 – 22 March)   

Cameron Highlands Retreats 2014 ( 22 – 30 March)   

Cameron Highlands Retreats 2013 (1 – 4 March)  

Sumeru Klang Retreats

Sumeru Klang Retreat 6 – 7 June 2015   
Sumeru Klang 1 day Retreat 20 Sep 2014


Spiritual Trip

Shangri-La China Trip 2018
Guangzhou & Guilin (China) 2017 – 6th Patriarch visit
 Australia 2016
1 Teoh Perth Siah 160522
2 Teoh Perth Siah 160518
 Malaysia 2016
Teoh Kota Bharu Mettarama 160909 Importance of Understanding the Essential Dhamma as taught by the Buddha
 China 2015
Teoh Pu Tuo Shan 150815


Teoh Sally wake 160629
The Chant of Metta – Imee Ooi
The Chant of Metta (Pali) – Imee Ooi
The Chant of Metta (English) – Imee Ooi
慈經 The Chant of Metta (中文 Mandarin ) – 黃慧音 Imee Ooi
Chant of Metta Lyrics (Pali English Mandarin)