Guangzhou & Guilin (China) 15-23 Sep 2017 – 6th Patriarch visit

15-Sep (Day 1)
170915 11.23pm 广州 (Guǎng Zhōu) Arrival at the GuangZhou airport.  Short briefing on the right mindset to have in order to benefit from this spiritual trip.
16-Sep (Day 2)   
170916 (1) 9.36am 光孝寺 (广州) Guāngxiào sì (Guǎng Zhōu)
170916 (2) 1.30pm 南海观音寺 (佛山) Nánhǎi guānyīn sì (Fú Shān)
170916 (3) 6.30pm 南华寺 (韶关) Nánhuá sì (Sháo Guān)
17-Sep (Day 3)   
170917 (1) 1.54pm 岭南 (Lǐng Nán)
170917 Ow  7.00pm  大雄禅寺 (岭南) Dàxióng chán sì (Lǐng Nán)  Bro Owen (Tour guide) sharing
170917 (2) 7.05pm 大雄禅寺 (岭南) Dàxióng chán sì (Lǐng Nán)
170917 (3) 8.22pm 大雄禅寺 (岭南) Dàxióng chán sì (Lǐng Nán)
18-Sep (Day 4)   
170918 (1) 3.45pm 国恩寺 (新兴) Guó ēn sì (Xīn Xīng) Chanting `Namo Amituofo’ in the relics hall led by the local monk.
170918 (2) 4.30pm 国恩寺 (新兴) Guó ēn sì (Xīn Xīng) Dhamma sharing before meditation
170918 (3) 5.30pm 国恩寺 (新兴) Guó ēn sì (Xīn Xīng) Dhamma sharing  after meditation.
170918 (4) 9.45pm (新兴) Guó ēn sì (Xīn Xīng) Hotel Evening sharing in the hotel room
19-Sep (Day 5) 
 170919 (1) 9.22am 四会 (Sì Huì) Bro Teoh’s advice to Bro Owen (Tour guide) on how to culivate and develop right view on Buddhism.
170919 (2) 3.50pm 六祖寺(四会)Liù zǔ sì (Sì Huì) Dhamma sharing before meditation
170919 (3) 5.28pm 六祖寺(四会)Liù zǔ sì (Sì Huì) Dhamma sharing  after meditation.
170919 (4) 9.55pm 四会  (Sì Huì) Hotel Dhamma sharing in the hotel room
21-Sep (Day 7)   
170921 (1) 11.45am 桂林 (Guìlín) Dhamma sharing in the bus.  On the way to 桂林 (Guìlín)
170921 (2) 10pm 桂林 (Guìlín) Dhamma sharing in the hotel room
22-Sep (Day 8) 
170922 (1) 7.54pm 桂林 (Guìlín) Mimi sharing in the bus
170922 (2) 7.58pm 桂林 (Guìlín) Bro Teoh sharing in the bus
170922 (3) 9.00pm 桂林 (Guìlín) Dhamma sharing in the hotel room
23-Sep (Day 9)   
170923 (1) 8.22am 桂林 (Guìlín) Final dhamma sharing by Bro Teoh in the bus.  On the way to Guilin airport.
170923 (2) 8.53am 桂林 (Guìlín) Sharing by Sister Alicia & Eng Bee in the bus.

Mykalyanamitta China temple donation 2017 pdf

Teoh 170805 Guangzhou China Trip Briefing

Be heedful when we are at the temple.  If we can set a good example it will not create unnecessary misunderstanding for future people to gain access of using the temple.

Contemplate and reflect on it whatever happened to you it is very likely related to karma. You should not be miserable because you reap what you sow.  When you have this understanding you will able to accept and be at peace with it.  Ask for forgiveness if necessary.

Thus you will be very mindful in avoiding all evils so you will not plant any seed of negativities again.  Cultivate all the right thoughts such as kindness, goodness, gratitude, wholesomeness, virtues leading to right speech that will bring about love and harmony to resolve things or issues amicably.  Your life will change to a better.

Have joy, sincerity, understanding that this spiritual trip will benefit you through developing a lot of wholesomeness and merits.  Maintaining this kind of mind-set from now than this spiritual trip will benefit you.

Part take in the common-pool fund with understanding and wholesomeness if possible.

Cultivation is about checking yourself every moment in the here and now.  Contemplate and reflect who you are & what you are?

If you have all the right understanding and right cultivation, your personality, character, your life will become better and meaningful.  You will transform.  This is the real dharma.

People can be very egoic and get deceive by the thoughts to get angry over petty things.  Whereas if you have wholesomeness, kindness you will know how to act.  Your action will be beautiful because it is without negativity.  Free of the evil root.