Lotus Sutra

Lotus Flower Sutra

Reference book :

The Wonderful Dharma Lotus Flower Sutra commentary by Master Hsuan Hua     《大乘妙法蓮華經淺釋 – 宣化老和尚講述》      版本2

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Lotus Sutra 1

Start : http://www.cttbusa.org/dfs/dfs_intro.asp.html

End : http://www.cttbusa.org/dfs/dfs_intro5.asp.html
(most rare Dharma Assembely)

Sharing / Question by : Sis Susan Teh

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Lotus Sutra 2

End : http://www.cttbusa.org/dfs/dfs_intro7.asp.html
(3. The Secret Teaching… )Sharing / Question by : Sis PG about her recent progress and her major sickness in early life