Cameron Highlands Retreats 2018 (16 – 24 March)

Retreat study notes  :

Cameron Meditation Retreat 2018 timetable

1st to 4th May 2013 Mindfulness meditation at Cameron Highlands

The Nature of mind​​

Time Outline Photos
 16-Mar (Day 1)
180316 (1) 2.40pm Official opening / programme briefing
180316 (2) 4.30am Bro Teoh read on the short notes 1-4 May 2013
180316 (3) 6.45pm Evening chanting & meditation
Explanation of the chanting
180316 (4) 7.45pm Heart Sutra introduction    
5 Aggregates of form & mind
5 daily reflections or contemplations
Sis Carmen’s inquiry on contemplation
 17-Mar (Day 2)
180317 (1) 6am Morning Chanting
180317 (2) 7am Meditation
180317 (3) 8.30am Explanation on the importance of chanting & Puja.      
5 spiritual faculties
Morning chanting
Bro Gan’s question –  ” When no one is meditating, is there meditation?”
Akaliko – Timeless (Beyond time beyond thought)
Silent mind
3 Importance Hallmarks of Hui Neng’s teaching :
1) No thought  2) No mark &  3) No dwelling
Bro Gan’s 2nd question – “Can awareness meditate?”
180317 (4) 9am Meditation
180317 (5) 10.30am Things to take note about meditation       
Heart Sutra Chapter 2
The Law of Karma
Sila, Samadhi, Panna
10 Perfections or Pāramitā
Importance of Dana Parami
We should also take care of our physical body
Ajahn Yantra’s famous quote
The Six Perfections or Pāramitās (of the Mahāyāna tradition)
Is Feng Shui really effective?
All sense pleasures are a prelude to suffering
What is a phenomenon?
3 Evil roots
180317 (6) 2pm Renew precepts     
Bro Teoh continued with the Heart Sutra  1.9 `The 3 Evil roots’
When you can see form, only then can you see mind
Flag, wind & mind – which one moves? (Hui Neng & the 2 monks)
“Bodhi is fundamentally without any tree, ..菩提本无树。。”
Theravada & Mahayana Buddhism
180317 (7) 4.30pm Sis Angie’s question on “How to train your mind.”   
Question on thinking and content of consciousness
When you are not happy or not peaceful, the evil roots of mind have arisen.
180317 (8) 6.45pm Meditation
180317 (9) 7.21pm Dharma sharing       
Sharing about donation to certain charitable societies
How to do dana without greed?
Types of dana that are more meritorious
How should we perceive “problems”?
We choose to accept everything as natural
Sis Sandra’s sharing on her past experiences regarding donation to charitable societies.
The purpose of the Kalyanamitta fund / Heart Sutra lesson 3
Sis Keat Hoon’s questions on the conditioned & unconditioned world, human grief and sorrow
Sis Angie’s inquiry about UFO and past life regression.
 18-Mar (Day 3)
180318 (1) 6am Mindfulness exercise
Mindfulness exercise (Video enclosed) – 2017 Cameron Retreat
180318 (2) 7.15am Briefing after meditation      
Sis Tammy enquired about “outflow” of an Arahant
3 types of peace
1) kaya-viveka (physical seclusion)
2) citta-viveka (mental seclusion)
3) upadhi-viveka (Liberation from suffering)
180318 (3) 8.30am Morning Chanting
Explanation of Chanting on Reflections on Universal Well-Being.
180318 (4) 9am Heart Sutra continued with 1.3 6th Patriarch Platform Sutra.
180318 (5) 9.30am Meditation
180318 (6) 10.30am Sis Molly’s meditation-reporting and Bro Teoh’s answers       
1) Meditation is about training our mind to be aware / mindful.
2) Stabilize it until you are ever mindful
3) Cultivate Noble 8fold path
All these 3 above will lead to heedfulness.
Sis Vivian’s inquiry on “awareness”
Bro Teoh’s sharing on how he overcame financial difficulties & how he came into contact with Buddhism during his younger days.
Heart Sutra chapter 4
Sis Soo’s sharing on her purging experience regarding forgiveness
Refer to chanting book ” Asking for forgiveness”
Importance & benefits of bowing
180318 (7) 1.30pm Heart Sutra chapter 5
Venerable Hsu Yun
Before you are enlightened, don’t believe your thoughts
Refer to retreat chanting book “10 Subjects for frequent recollection by one who has gone forth.”
Heart Sutra chapter 6
5 ways to overcome negative unwholesome thoughts
180318 (8) 4.15pm Heart Sutra chapter 7
How Mahayanas chant for blessings  and ask for forgiveness
Bro Teoh’s teacher Phra Ajahn Yantra
Bro Teoh 1st meditation experience
180318 (9) 6.40pm Evening Chanting
KARANĪYA METTA SUTTA (Loving kindness or metta chanting & explanation)
Bro Teoh’s sharing on his childhood & karmic incidents.
180318 (10) 8pm Heart Sutra chapter 9      
7 Factors of enlightenment
Nirmanakaya, Sambhogakaya & Dharmakaya
Bro Fong’s question about the real samadhi and Jhana.
Bro Fong’s question about the types of wisdom.
KARANĪYA METTA SUTTA (Loving kindness metta) chanting & Heart Sutra Chanting
Further explanation on KARANĪYA METTA SUTTA (Loving kindness metta)
 19-Mar (Day 4)
180319 (1) Meditation
Mindfulness exercise
180319 (2) 7am Short Briefing after meditation
Renew precepts
Explanation of the 5 & 8 precepts
10 Subjects for Frequent Recollection
180319 (3) 8.30am Morning chanting
Chanting & Explanation of Anattalakkhana Sutra (The Discourse on the characteristic of non self)
180319 (4) 9.10am Heart Sutra continued “1.3 Question 2..”
3 types of karmic obstacles
Bro Teoh’s sharing on how he dealt with his karmic test when something serious happened to his mother & son.
Bro Swee Aun’s sharing on how he overcame depression in his early life.
Sis Angie’s opinion that all the Buddhist groups should integrate and not be divided
Question on how we can help non Buddhists with depression
Bro Teoh shared some depression cases that he has helped.
Answering Bro Fong’s earlier question –  refer to Heart Sutra “3.1 The three types of Prajna or wisdom”
180319 (5) 11.53am Heart Sutra Chapter 11
12 links – (Dependent Origination)
180319 (5)1 1.30pm Heart Sutra Chapter 11 Part 2
In the midst of sound, there can be silence.  In the midst of activity, there can be stillness.
Without awareness you are not sensitive.
180319 (6) 4.30pm Heart Sutra Chapter 15      
Sis Keat Hoon’s questioned on “seeing consciousness”
Bro Fong enquired about “5 senses & samadhi”
Heart Sutra Chapter 15
180319 (7) 6.30pm Simple Evening chanting     
Question “Is metta a wholesome thought or a feeling?”
3 stages of metta
Bro Teoh shared his experiences of radiating metta.
Bro Teoh shared some of his extraordinary experience with “special beings”
180319 (8) 7.50pm Heart Sutra Chapter 15 Part 3 Meditation
Karmic obstruction
Love without attachment.
Sis Keat Hoon enquired about “praying to deities”
Bro Teoh shared on “Mediums & Dharma Protector”
 20-Mar (Day 5)
180320 (1) 7am Simple morning chanting & mindful exercise
Sis Nancy enquired about sleepiness during meditation
Bro Teoh shared about his out of the body experience during his childhood time.
180320 (2) 8.30am Puja & Morning Chanting
180320 (3) 9am Heart Sutra Chapter 18 Part 1
Conscience & Thought
Sis Angie enquired why terrorists are able to commit so many bad things without any repercussions
Sis Keat Hoon enquired the type of parami that is lacking for children with study difficulties.
180320 (4) 10.30am Heart Sutra Chapter 19 Part 1
Important meditation pointers
Bro Teoh shared a real life story about a patient with 4th stage cancer caused by stressful working environment.
Bro Teoh explained on how to contemplate the 4 Noble Truths by giving an example in Heart Sutra 22 Part 1
180320 (5) 1.30pm Meditation
180320 (6) 3pm Sis Poh Lai reported her meditation,  she shared how she helped her Mum release herself from the “game of suffering” (痛苦的遊戏) and how she also helped her clients free themselves from suffering by applying her Dharma understanding.
Sis Soo Yee reported her meditation.
Heart Sutra pg 22 Part 2
Bro Teoh’s sharing on Chakras and nadis
Sis Keat Hoon enquired whether it is necessary to do bowing in front of the Buddha.
Listening from the head or brain is hell whereas listening from the conscience, i.e. the heart is true listening.
180320 (7) 6.43pm Evening Chanting
180320 (8) 6.55 pm Meditation
180320 (9) 7.28 pm Heart Sutra Page 88     
“The wanting to react or to be calm and peaceful via the thought is a delusion”
Sis Soo Yee enquired about “true mind & thought”
“The controller is the controlled”
Page 92 Living from the brain vs from the heart
180320 (10) 9.00 pm Chanting of The Great Compassion Mantra, Heart Sutra & Om Padme Mani Om and closing puja.
 21-Mar (Day 6)
180321 (1) 6.15 am Morning Chanting
Morning exercise guided by Bro Vincent
180321 (2) 6.55 am Meditation
Noble silence during daily mindfulness training – mindful of every action and movement in daily life (fully aware)
180321 (3) 8.35 am Morning chanting
180321 (4) 8.45 am Knowledge binds 所知障;Worry binds 烦恼障
How insignificant are humans compared to the universe
How Sis Yoon Chan invited Bro Teoh to share his Dharma understanding with the world in the year 2004.
Bro Fong’s question on the 12 links (Dependent Origination or Paticca Samuppada)  12 links Video 1
Bro Teoh’s answer – Dependent Origination is not linear but multi dimensional.
180321 (5) 10.10 am Meditation
180321 (6) 10.55 am Bro Teoh relates his mindfulness cultivation – Form that is perceivable by the mundane mind directly is more tangible and ‘real’ whereas the mental perception of it is totally unreal. Beyond form there is nothing to perceive.
Alaya consciousness
The importance of taking refuge in the Buddha, Dhamma & Sangha
How to develop the daily mindfulness
Form is emptiness, emptiness is form
How to contemplate on the 32 parts of the physical body
180321 (7) 1.30 pm 4 Foundation of Mindfulness
Bro Teoh provides an example to illustrate Vedananupassana
180321 (8) 3.17 pm Further explanation on 12 links – (Dependent Origination)
Puan Chee asked a question on how to stop the link from proceeding
Sis Mun Yuen asked a question on why the sense bases link do not come before the Avijja link?
Sis Eng Bee asked a question 12 links :

12 links Video 2
12 links Video 3
12 links Video 4
12 links Video 5

Sis Sarah Han asked a question
Sis Adeline shared her meditation experience
Sis Sandra shared her experience on how she dealt with anger by making a strong Adhitthana not to get angry again in future
180321 (9) 6.40 pm Cultivating the Bodhisattva Way
Taking the Bodhisattva Vow
Tammy asked a question on Adhitthana
 9.00 pm Chanting of The Great Compassion Mantra, Heart Sutra & Om Pani Mani Om
 22-Mar (Day 7)
 180322 (1) Morning Chanting
Morning exercise
180322 (2) 7.18am After meditation briefing
Sis Poh Lai’s meditation reporting, and her advice on – “Don’t go against nature.”
Mental time and psychological time.
Sis Angie’s meditation sharing
Free yourself first before you help others
180322 (3) 8.40am Morning chanting
180322 (4) 8.50am Heart Sutra Chapter 33 Part 3.1 Question
180322 (5) 10.13am After meditation pointers.
Heart Sutra Chapter 34 Part 1.4 Question – Chapter 36 Part 3.2
Sis Poh Lai shared on her job experience on how a lot of her clients  via delusion unconsciously harm themselves.
Bro Swee Aun shared on how to use search engine in Heart Sutra pdf to trace a certain topic by using keywords.
Bro Teoh explained how actions via pure wish by a virtuous person can make positive changes for others.
“God son ceremony”
Bro Teoh related an incident on how he consoled his son after he lost his best friend.
180322 (6) 2.30pm Advice on maintaining awareness.    
Mindful of Content of Consciousness ( Cetasikas).
Heart Sutra Pg 121 to 134
Sis Keat Hoon: Planning is necessary but Bro Teoh explained that one should go with the flow
Sis Soo Yee shared about how she chose her major in university without prior planning but just accorded and flowed with the conditions that unfolded.
Bro Teoh stressed the importance of taking care of our individual karma. If the planner has wisdom, he will act according to the understanding of causes and conditions. Whatever is meant to be, will be.
Bro Gerald shared about his close friend’s death and how this has triggered him to realize the urgency in cultivation.
He also shared about how through cultivation, he has changed his priorities in life as well as his understanding about doing business the proper way via understanding.
Sis Poh Lai planned her ambition to be a great national  bowler but still could not become the champion. This shows that planning is not a prelude to success.
“Don’t go against nature.”
Mental time n psychological time.
Sis Angie’s meditation sharing.
If you want to help others you need to free yourself first.
180322 (7) 6.40pm Evening Chanting
180322 (8) 6.45 pm Heart Sutra pg 135   
12 links chart (Dependent Origination)
2 stories on Bodhisattva – Cultivation of patience (by Bro Teoh) and dana parami (by Bro Teh)
180322 (9) 8.30 pm Chanting of The Great Compassion Mantra, Heart Sutra & Om Pani Mani Om
 23-Mar (Day 8)
180323 (1) 6am Morning chanting & briefing
Morning exercise guided by Bro Vincent
180323 (2) 7am Meditation
180323 (3) 7.20am How does our brain work?
180323 (4) 8.35am Morning chanting
180323 (5) 8.55am Continuation of “How does our brain work?”
Your mind must have space and order.
Sis Adeline inquired about how – “The mind should not have any dwelling”
Aware via  your true mind
Sis Soo enquired about “Seeing things as they are”.
180323 (6) 10.30am Heart Sutra – Appendix 3 (Lesson 5 of the Satipatthana Sutta)     
Pure Land chanting
J Krishnamurti “You must learn how to die every day.”
How to resolve problems in our daily life.
More important to take care of Karma than to rely on Feng Sui.
Bro Swee Aun shared a real case on Feng Sui.
The meaning of mindfulness.
180323 (7) 1.30pm Heart Sutra – Appendix 3 (4.1 A Mind Full of Awareness) pg 149     
Most people are conscious but are not aware.
Bro Teoh shared on how he helped an undergraduate recover from depression.
How to choose a life partner.
Respect for deities/spirits
Sis Angie asked about illusions performed by illusionists like David Copperfield
Sis Kelline enquired about how to apply Noble 8fold Path to enable a haunted house to be rented out
Sis Angie has an advertisement related question
180323 (8) 4.20 pm Heart Sutra pg 159
180323 (9) 7pm Bro Teoh’s briefing for 24/3 program    
Bro Swee Aun presented the Cameron retreat account detailing all donations.
Gratitude to Sam Poh Temple 法忏法师 Sifu
法忏法师 Sifu’s advice
Bro Teoh shared a story on a profound conversation between Buddha & a female Sotapan
Sharing by Poh Lai, Soo Yee, Carmen, Mee Fong, Keat Hoon, Angie, Tammy, Soo, Sara Han & Sandra
Bro Teoh’s affinity with Kuan Yin Bodhisattva and message by Kuan Yin Bodhisattva to Bro Teoh in the year 1986.
Bro Chia shared his his extraordinary mudra blessings and mantra chanting.
Bro Teoh shared the danger and severe consequences of offending Great Beings.
24-Mar (Day 9)
180324 (1) 7am Morning Chanting
Bro Teoh’s final advice before the closing of the retreat.

Briefing before retreat

 3 March Outline Photos
180303 9.30am Bro Teoh’s briefing on coming Cameron retreat